When I import data into spotfire I have to change the column formatting from View -> Data -> column to general to see the decimals

I export the data from a demo dxp, and then when I import the data back into spotfire I am trying to finding the best/efficient way to import the data back into in.  What I am coming across is that when I first add the table I see the decimals in numbers.  Then underneath the Transformations when I click the preview, the decimals have disappeared.  

From the Transformation I can attempt to change the the formatting but it dose not work ( I try change the decimals to 2 and when I press `Apply` it goes back to 0 , I also tried Custom and played around with other choices but it won't change the inputed data).

What does work is that if once the data is imported I go to the Data Panel, select the column and change the formatting to 'General'.

When I am import the data, is there an encoding choice that can chage this for automatically?

Best would be that, since its a .txt or .xlsx file that was exported from a demo dxp, it shoud read right in with proper formatting, but what is the next best thing, or what am I missing here.  Thanks for the help in advance.

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