When to use IoT Edge Integration with Flogo instead of Cloud-Only IoT Integration?

Thanks for the cool introduction to Flogo on Youtube.

I have some questions around a use case that I have worked with in the past. I worked on a project that would enable remote steering and monitoring of power plants. The way we implemented this was, we had a communication layer modelled on an industrial pc and this would speak the low level protocols like ModBus and ProfiBus which is used to connect to the power plant. On the other side, we have our business application that has the logic to determine when and how and which power plant should be steered with how much power output. So this scenario is exactly what you describe in your video at 14:15.

So you say that this is not a good IoT integration as this is a Cloud only IoT integration. How can I now apply the solution that you describe at 15:03? The steering and monitoring of my power plant has to be done based on the business logic that I have on my cloud. So my device gateway or my sensor cannot take those decisions. So your solution at 15:03 means that my business logic has to spread across different layers in my IoT landscape and this is definitely a bad idea. Can you throw some light on this please?

[Asked by user Joe San, reposted from Youtube]

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