Where can I see a demo of the Connected Vehicle's Accelerator showing the port of rotterdam ships tracking

We are a TIBCO Partner in Latin America, and we have a prospect interested in a solution for logistics services based on an ESB. The prospect came across a solution made for the Port of Rotterdam, that I believe also includes train monitoring. Wacthing TIBCO's Connected Vehicle Accelerator information got me thinking that it might be the same he is looking at. He found this solution very interesting so I would like to see TIBCO's CVA solution to see if it is the same one. How can I have access on this and overall to what you have done with the port of Rotterdam? Even if we are not talking about the same solution, It would still be interesting for them.


Eric Anderson


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Oh, thanks Glenn, I will check it out.

eanderson - Aug 24, 2016 - 7:00am

Thanks for your answer Mic, this prospect was not at Las Vegas. I would like to know if VCA was actually implemented for the port of rotterdam. Could you give me your email so that I can share more info on this opportunity, or please let me know who could help me find out if and what has TIBCO done for the port of Rotterdam? Or any other port for that matter?



eanderson - Aug 24, 2016 - 6:59am

The Connected Vehicles Accelerator is skinnable and may be used for different cases. So far it's been used for trains, busses, airplanes and ships.

So if your prospect was at TIBCO NOW in Las Vegas they may indeed have seen a port / trains demo. The slides used there are available on the Wiki at https://community.tibco.com/wiki/tibco-connected-vehicle-accelerator-reu...

You can download the CVA solution yourself - click on the "Try Today" button here: https://community.tibco.com/modules/connected-vehicles-accelerator

Mic Hussey - Aug 24, 2016 - 2:04am
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