While Exporting the report to PDF, it is producing only the view part and not the complete report.


We are having the report with 2 Pie Charts and One Cross table and that table having the data of n rows so it would have the horizontal and vertical scrollbars. 
During Export to PDF, Present option producing the View part of the Cross table and not the complete records present in the cross table because of this i couldn't able to get the Last row visible in the pdf file after export has been done and couldn't able to see the total values for the cross table. 

But we have one more option called Export to CSV and it only exports the cross table values completly (Total records in it) but not the complete report (Excluded the Pie charts).

So need your kind help towards this Export option to PDF for exporting the complete report (Including Pie Charts and the Cross table with complete set of records).

Herewith this I attached Tool.png (in which you can notice the scrollbar in the Right side of Cross table and many records are there in this table) and PDF_File.png (In this the View part of records only exported not the entire dataset of cross table also Total wells column final value at the bottom not visible)


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