why I added 2 users in addressee's user column, only 1 user receives a case??

Hello sir:

according to document


Page10 in Chapter 1 Defining a Procedure

"If you have a step that you want to send to more than one user, you can either use

groups or multiple users.

For multiple users, enter all the user names in the Users column. A copy of the

step will be sent to each user listed. This can be a useful way of sending the same

information to a number of people. Each user is responsible for releasing their

copy of the work item and the procedure will only progress when all users have

released the work item.

Alternatively, a group can be entered in the Users column and the work item will

be sent to that group queue. For details on how to set up a group, see “Managing

Groups” in the TIBCO iProcess Workspace (Windows) Manager’s Guide. When a

work item goes to a group queue, any member of the group may open the work

item, complete any input fields and release it. When the work item is open, it

appears as a grayed out entry in the group queue of the other group members

who are prevented from opening the item. Once the work item is released, it

disappears from the other members’ group queues."

I have 2 users created, UserA and UserB, I add both UserA and UserB into my form EmployeeProfile's addressees' user column,

so after I start this Emp procedure's case successfully, I login to UserA, I can see Case#123 is here, but when I login to UserB, no Case#123,

Where is Case#123 for UserB, what is wrong??


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