Working with Dates and Invalid type for function call

I am trying to evaluate dates to come up with the a "Status" of arecord.  I have tried CASE and IF functions but regardless of the approach I take I get the "invalid type for function call 'if. error.  I have looked at all the other simliar questions posted here that talk about this error but they don't seem to address working with dates

Here is an example of one I can't get to work

WHEN [#Day to Receive Permit1]= 0.00 THEN "Waiting for Permit"
WHEN [#Day to Receive Permit1]= 2915312.00 THEN "Waiting for Permit"
ELSE DateDiff("dd",[Date Submitted],[Date Received])

Any help would be appreciated.

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First thing is your data types have to be the same.

So what data type is [#Day to Receive Permit1] and I don't see this column in either spreadsheet?

If you are using an actual "Date" such as 01/01/2001 and trying to compare it to "0.00" then that is the first issue.  They are not the same.

wirlybird - Jun 14, 2018 - 11:11am ::
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