Writeback functionality to a database using Ironpython

Hi All, 

I am trying to do a write back functionality from Spotfire to a table residing in HANA using Ironpython.

From the notes whats provided in the internet I could manage to find few codes and could reach only half way.

Would be great if some one could help me with a pointer for this.

Please find the sample.

sqlStatement ="update Table1.column1 from Table1 where Table1.country='INDIA'"

dbsettings = DatabaseDataSourceSettings("Sap.Data.Hana","Server=Servername:PortNo;UserID=UserName;Password=Password",sqlStatement)

dsObject = DatabaseDataSource(dbsettings)

Here I could find a function (Connect)for the datasource object created "dsObject", but I am not able to get the parameters to connect to the datasource.

Many Thanks in Advance for your help,



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