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TIBCO Insight Platform

TIBCO’s insight platform features interconnected data, systems, and analytics—that enable the analyst and manager experience. This platform can underpin a company’s intelligent operations with comprehensive data management and analytics logic.

Our platform combines TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO StreamBase® for visual and streaming analytics; along with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, TIBCO BusinessWorks™ and TIBCO OpenSpirit® for messaging and integration, including data connectors for specialized data sources in the energy sector; and TIBCO tibbr® for collaboration and crowdsourcing throughout field and management teams.

Conference Sessions

September 7, 2016 (Wednesday)

Morning General Session

8:30 - 10:15 a.m. General Session

  • Opening Remarks
    Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO
  • Interconnect Everything and Augment Intelligence for Energy
    Matt Quinn, Chief Technology Officer and EVP, TIBCO
  • TIBCO Analytics Highlights
    Mark Palmer, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Analytics Engineering, TIBCO
  • Deeper, Faster, Smarter: Driving Analytics across the Business with TIBCO Spotfire
    Kim Emil Andersen, Head of Vestas Advanced Analytics, Vestas

Spotfire Keynotes and Breakouts

10:30 a.m. Analytics for Business Optimization at Hess 
David McConkey, IT Manager, Enterprise Operations, Hess
PDF icon spotfire_at_hess_coporation.pdf

The use of Spotfire at Hess spans the enterprise from engineering to finance. Over the past year, growth of self-service reporting has been tremendous, and the company has many examples of reports that provide value, insight, and an impetus for changing behavior. Along with the benefits, growth has created challenges in report, people, and environment management. This session will tell the story of how Hess uses Spotfire and how proper self-service management is crucial.

11:15 a.m. Big Data and Advanced Analytics in Oil & Gas: Delivering Actionable Intelligence and OT/IT Convergence Leveraging TIBCO Spotfire and Hortonworks Data Platform
Abhi Banerjee, Senior IT Manager, Halliburton
Kenneth Smith, General Manager - Energy, Hortonworks

Companies are exploring new digital technologies to transform existing and emerging data sources into actionable intelligence to increase production, improve margins, and reduce unplanned downtime. Learn how one of world’s largest oilfield service companies is leveraging open, enterprise-ready Hadoop with the Hortonworks Data Platform for distributed storage, processing, and integration of multi-source data sets, and TIBCO Spotfire to enable new insights through visualization and advanced analytics, increase collaboration, and meet business objectives.


1:15 p.m.  Growing Visualization and Analytics Capabilities in Chevron Downstream
Steven Boyd, Global Advisor, Supply and Transport Raw Materials Processes, Chevron

Spotfire has been in use in Chevron upstream for over 10 years. Until recently the power of Spotfire hadn’t been unleashed on the downstream business to help visualize and analyze data. Through a combination of efforts between the business subjectmatter-experts and IT, Spotfire has been utilized in many downstream business use cases. In this presentation, we will demonstrate Spotfire dashboard applications for refinery wharf operations, downstream value chain optimization, and monitoring of a refinery unit’s performance to plan.

2:00 p.m. Evaluating the Proved Area of a Resource Play 
Tobi Adefidipe, Engineer In Training, Technical Analytics, Nexen
PDF icon hef_tobi_adefidipe.pdf

The SPEE Monograph 3 presents a workflow for determining the proved undeveloped (PUD) area of a resource play. The workflow involves statistical and spatial analysis of Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) data, and may require multiple software applications and several hours to generate iterations. In addition, defining the final proved area is subject to the interpretive bias of the evaluator. This process is streamlined into one, easy-to-use, interactive Spotfire dashboard. Statistical analysis is done in R and implemented as a Spotfire data function (open source R and TERR). The Spotfire dashboard gives the user the flexibility to set the number of iterations and the required level of confidence. The dashboard also minimizes bias in calculating a final proved area. This solution has been successfully used to evaluate the Eagle Ford resource play area with 14,000+ wells. 

2:45 p.m. TIBCO Spotfire Analytics in NRG Plant Operations and Business Planning
Joe Dominick, Director, Business Operations, NRG
 PDF icon tibco_energy_forum-dominick_v4.pdf

The NRG Business Operations team works closely with Plant Operations to ensure maximum return on the portfolio’s assets. Over the past year, the team began integrating Spotfire analytics and visualizations to enhance and streamline decision-making. This session will review why and how Spotfire was implemented across NRG operations. We will dive into some of the visualizations that were created by our team of novice Spotfire implementers, how they are being used by key decision-makers, and review how the analytics have created organizational value over a short period of time.


1:15 p.m. Making Technical Problems Intuitive with Visualizations and TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR)
Manny Rosales, Data Analytics, Team Lead, XTO
PDF icon tibco_energy_forum_xto.pdf

In an industry with so many variables and unanswered questions, many problems are so technically difficult that attempting to find solutions can become overwhelming. Using TIBCO Spotfire enhanced visualizations and TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR), solutions to those problems are not only easy to generate, they become easy to visualize. In unconventional basins it is hard to plan for the perfect well. Leveraging public data and TIBCO Spotfire, we will explore how some powerful insights can be achieved with the click of a few buttons.

2:00 p.m. Automation Services and Custom Themes with TIBCO Spotfire
Kelby Reding, BI Solutions Consultant, Chevron

What is TIBCO Spotfire® Automation Services, and what can it do for me? Have you ever needed to show a particular visualization or dashboard to your entire organization? How can you automate some of your routine tasks in Spotfire? Chevron has leveraged Spotfire Automation Services to provide a method of distributing select visualizations to large internal audiences. Use design templates and custom themes in Spotfire to give your DXPs a consistent look and feel across your organization. Chevron has established a recommended look and feel for internal Spotfire developers. We will take a look at the custom themes and discuss some general guidelines that have been developed to promote consistent design patterns.

2:45 p.m. Addressing the Diversity of Business Challenges with TIBCO Spotfire and Scripting
Gwyn Thorn, Analytics and Visualization Lead, Shell
Daniel King, Director of Business Intelligence, WG Consulting

The Analytics and Visualization Team at Shell, in cooperation with TIBCO, developed a highly customized permission control solution using Iron Python, JavaScript, HTML, and a set of TIBCO Spotfire property controls. This combination of scripts and controls detects the user's identity, identifies the permission group to which the user belongs, and, consequently removes any unauthorized visualizations and data prior to the user accessing the template in either TIBCO Spotfire Analyst or TIBCO Spotfire Consumer. This type of internal permission control for a Spotfire template is not available from the standard permission structure within Spotfire, but it has several advantages. It supports a master template that contains all visualizations and data loaded into memory on the server, and it ultimately delivers an efficient solution to users while also reducing redundancy in template development.

Afternoon General Sessions

4:00 p.m. Data on Fire – What's New in TIBCO Spotfire
Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO
Catalina Herrera, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO
PDF icon hef_2016_mainstage_endday_moc_distn.part1_.pdf

Come see the latest and greatest updates from TIBCO Spotfire, including new data discovery, graphics, maps, and predictive analytics product features. We will demonstrate Spotfire with applications in the Energy sector including:

  • Data Access: connector updates, HANA, and Spark certification
  • Data Wrangling: quick-click unpivot, split, source view, data panel updates
  • Maps: TMS layers, radius selections, context-smart auto-zoom
  • Collaboration: threaded and searchable conversations, annotations, guided analytics
  • Charts: waterfall chart, KPI charts, graphics updates
  • Mobile: iPhone and iPad app updates, responsive design KPI charts, deployment kit
  • Ease of Use: multi-screen support, API updates for simple web deployment
  • Administration: Spotfire Server admin console updates, scale-out topology, smart routing

We will also give a sneak peek into the future, and solicit your input into our mutual Spotfire journey.

4:45 p.m. Data to Action – the TIBCO Insight Platform
Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO
Peter Shaw, Senior Data Scientist, TIBCO
PDF icon hef_2016_mainstage_endday_moc_distn-part2.pdf

The TIBCO® Insight Platform combines data integration, analytics, collaboration, and event processing into a closed-loop system of insight. The TIBCO Insight Platform comprises TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO StreamBase® for visual and streaming analytics; TIBCO OpenSpirit for integration, including data connectors for specialized energy data sources; and TIBCO Tibbr® for collaboration. The combination of Spotfire and Streambase enables insights from historical data “at rest” to be put into action on fresh data “in motion”. The presentation includes a case study update from an E&P company who is using the Platform, combining Spotfire and Streambase, for production surveillance and optimization. The demonstration includes the TIBCO Intelligent Equipment Accelerator; Spotfire templates and data functions; Streambase event flows; and OpenSpirit integration. We are publishing some of these materials to the TIBCO Community:

OpenSpirit Breakouts

10:30 a.m. Enterprise Search for Subsurface Data
Sam Smith, Senior Solution Architect, Voyager
Clay Harter, CTO, TIBCO OpenSpirit®
PDF icon 1_-_enterprise_search.pdf

All organizations face the challenge of trying to find information across diverse sources of data. This paper discusses how one can provide a single web based interface that can allow one to search across both structured and unstructured data sources including GIS data and then take appropriate action based on the information found.

11:15 a.m. Enterprise Search and Workflow Management
Clay Harter, CTO, TIBCO OpenSpirit

We will present a customer driven use case where work can be tracked according to standard well defined work flows and a search engine used to find information relevant to the task at hand. In addition, artifacts generated from work tasks, either structured data or documents , may be linked to the work task for later retrieval.

11:40 a.m. Well Master Synchronization
Clay Harter, CTO, TIBCO OpenSpirit
PDF icon 3-well_master_synchronization.pdf

This customer use case presents a set of tools that enable data managers to harvest data from multiple sources, create new blended records, and then promote these to the well master. To close the loop, working projects may then subscribe to relevant data in the well master and automatically receive updates.

1:10 p.m. TIBCO OpenSpirit Enabled ArcGIS Portal Apps
Todd Buehlman, Vice President, LOGIC Solutions Group Clay Harter, CTO, TIBCO OpenSpirit
PDF icon 4-tibco_openspirit_enabled_arcgis_portal_apps.pdf

ESRI’s ArcGIS Portal allows users to construct their own custom web map applications by using pre-built widgets without doing any programming. This paper discusses how such widgets can make it easy to integrate OpenSpirit and Spotfire solutions with ESRI web maps.

1:35 p.m. Practical Copy Manager Workflows
Shah Zaman, GGRE Analyst, ConocoPhillips L48

ConocoPhillips Lower48 integrates weekly Enerdeq updates between Landmark OpenWorks, IHS Petra, and Schlumberger Studio applications while daily interpretation flows back to their well master. The OpenSpirit Copy Manager and Copy Rules Manager help save dozens of person-hours per week for geologists and geology techs.

2:00 p.m. New TIBCO OpenSpirit Web Services and Subsurface Viewers
Carl LaSala, Director, Client Services, TIBCO
PDF icon 6-_tibco_energy_forum-web_services.pdf

Oil and gas companies are increasingly using web-based workflows and processes to better their exploration and production activities. TIBCO OpenSpirit has pre-built REST web services that expose OpenSpirit data, unit, coordinate, metamodel, and event services. These services give clients the ability to access data from their working projects and corporate repositories and expose corporate rock and fluid databases in the company E&P web portal. To complement the web service, OpenSpirit has a SubSurface Viewer Module. Using HTML5 technology, these viewers let users access and analyze their G&G data quickly, easily, and securely from any compatible web browser.

2:25 p.m. TIBCO Spotfire 3D Visualization and Analysis of G&G Data
Troy Ruths, CEO, Chief Data Scientist, Ruths.ai
Matt Kulow, Solutions Consultant, TIBCO
PDF icon 7-ruthsosp_hef_2016.pdf

Workflows involving use of an extension for visualizing 3D surfaces, well paths, variables on well paths, wellbore features, geobodies, and seismic trace data within Spotfire are discussed.

3:05 p.m. Integrating TIBCO Spotfire and ArcGIS for Regional Exploration
Matt Kulow, Solutions Consultant, TIBCO
PDF icon 8-spotfirearcgis_regionalcontext.pdf

A leading global resource company finds efficiencies using the OpenSpirit Spotfire adapter to integrate regional ArcGIS images with geochemistry data in Spotfire Map view. Even tighter integration has been achieved to allow spatial selection and marking of geochemistry data within Spotfire from the ArcGIS application through OpenSpirit integration.

September 8, 2016 (Thursday)

Spotfire Training

8:30 a.m. TIBCO Spotfire Basics

  1. Data Access and loading from files
  2. Data Wrangling, data distribution, data transformation
  3. Creating hierarchies (e.g. Facility >> Rout Name >> Field)
  4. Visualizations: Recommendations, bar chart (with Hierarchy), scatter plot, ...
  5. Map chart and drill downs with map charts
  6. Organize filters, exporting, saving (embedding & linking), ...

Note: Spotfire Basics session training was given by Shakeel Muhajir. Please contact him if you would like more info about his training programs: 
Shakeel Muhajir
SHM Consulting, LLC

8:30 a.m. Spotfire Advanced I: Introduction to R and TERR

  1. Environments
  2. Syntax
  3. Objects
  4. Functions
  5. Packages
  6. Next steps for learning and using R

Note: Spotfire Advanced session training was given by Troy Ruths. Please contact Ruths.ai if you would like more info about his training programs:
ph:  +1 (832) 255-5100 ,  e-mail:  info@ruths.ai,  website:  Ruths.ai

10:15 a.m. TIBCO Spotfire Intermediate

  1. Information modeling
  2. Action controls (button and link): for page navigation, resetting filters, show/hide details on demand, ...
  3. Document property controls (dropdown and listbox): for setting y-axis, color by, trellising, ...
  4. Automation using Iron Python scripting: Script to reset zoom sliders, to refresh data
  5. APIs, documentation and TIBCO Community
  6. Custom themes and dashboard configurations including basic HTML

Note: Spotfire Intermediate session training was given by Shakeel Muhajir. Please contact him if you would like more info about his training programs: 
Shakeel Muhajir
SHM Consulting, LLC

10:15 a.m. Spotfire Advanced II: Predictive Analytics with Spotfire and TERR

  1. Requirements
  2. TERR within Spotfie
  3. Built-in predictive tools
  4. Pre-defined data functions
  5. Custom data functions
  6. Next steps for predictive analytics

Note: Spotfire Advanced session training was given by Troy Ruths. Please contact Ruths.ai if you would like more info about his training programs: 
ph:  +1 (832) 255-5100 ,  e-mail:  info@ruths.ai,  website:  Ruths.ai

OpenSpirit Training

8:30 a.m. OpenSpirit Classic - Advanced Topics

  1. New scan utilities functionality
  2. Custom model views for Spotfire

10:15 a.m. OpenSpirit Connect

  1. Deep dive with new OpenSpirit web services
  2. Finding duplicate wells using TIBCO® Patterns

TIBCO Spotfire Hackathon


Try your hand at a 2-hour guided Spotfire hackathon aimed at use-cases relevant to problems in energy industry. Topics will include geospatial data exploration, machine learning, production data analysis and much more.


Basic Familiarity with Spotfire, but hints and resources will be provided along with the rich online community support will benefit users across all skill levels. Thus, everyone is encouraged to participate.

Visit the Spotfire Hackathon page for Hackathon summary and solutions

Demos, Templates & Data Functions

Title / Download Screenshot Supporting Information Wiki Articles

Machine Learning (GBM) to Diagnose Equipment Events and Product Quality - Data Function, Solution Template


Webinar: VideoSlides

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What's new in Spotfire 7.6 Video Wiki
KPI Dashboard - for mobile and desktop Video

KPI Charts

Support Varying Screen Display Size Using a Single Spotfire .DXP file

Data Wrangling video Wiki
Waterfall Chart   Wiki


For more information:

Visit the Energy Solutions page

Spotfire Community Wiki Home Page:  Starting point for extensive, growing collection of linked Wiki pages covering all things Spotfire.  Links to comprehensive, current information on these Main Topics landing pages: Getting Started, Data Access and Wrangling, Visualizations, Maps, Advanced Analytics, Applications and Vertical Solutions, Extending Spotfire, Administration, Partners and How to Learn more.