2017 TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Beta Program: Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated:
2:45pm Nov 28, 2018

What is our TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Beta program?

Try out our new advanced analytics and TERR features, redesigned sharing, and account,billing, and user management improvements today, before we release these features to the public in November 2017.  Experience the power of the TIBCO Cloud™ ecosystem which now powers Spotfire.  We’d love your feedback about your Beta program experience.

How can I join the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta program?

Visit the TIBCO Cloud website at https://cloud.tibco.com/, and choose the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta Program.  To register for the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta program, click here.

How long will the Beta program be available?

We are launching the Beta program on October 25th at TIBCO Now San Diego.  The Beta program will be closed by November 30, 2017.  We will reach out to all Beta participants with notification and instructions before the program closes.

What happens after I click "Join Beta Program"?

You'll receive an email with account activation instructions. Click on “Activate” within the email you receive, create a password, log in and start making data discoveries!

What if I already have a TIBCO CLOUD or SPOTFIRE CLOUD account?

You will still need to register again to join the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta.  Spotfire Cloud users’ Beta product will be separate from their existing product.

What if I have a TIBCO Cloud application deployed in a European or Australian region?

Today, the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta Program is deployed in the United States region only.  This means that current TIBCO Cloud users deployed in Europe or Australia will not see the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta option when logged into their TIBCO Cloud account.  This is easy to solve.  Existing European and Australian users who want to try out TIBCO Cloud Spotfire should go to http://cloud.tibco.com, choose TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Beta and sign up, which will add the Spotfire subscription to your TIBCO Cloud, US Region.

When does my Beta account expire?

Your Beta account will expire before November 30 when we release this new version to the public. We’ll alert you before the program ends and provide you with instructions for how to use Spotfire in the future.

What do I get when I sign up for the Beta program?

Your Beta account comes with all the benefits of our Cloud Analyst role, including our desktop and web authoring clients, 250 GB of library storage, TERR-as-a-Service and redesigned sharing.  In addition, you’ll have the ability to try out team, role and administrative management, experience other TIBCO Cloud products like TIBCO Cloud™ LiveApps and TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, and more.

How can I get help with my Beta account?

To ask and get answers to common questions please visit the Spotfire Answers center. To speak with a specialist via phone, email or chat please visit us through our Contact Us portal. For support issues, please submit a support case.

Where can I share feedback about my Beta experience?

After you’ve had a chance to use the product, please take this 1-minute survey and tell us what you think!

What's the best way to get started with TIBCO Cloud Spotfire?

Check out our large library of Getting Started videos, read our product documentation or visit the TIBCO Community.

What web browser do you recommend?

We recommend using Google Chrome (46.x or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (42.x or higher).

Which CRAN packages are available on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire?

An analysis created with Spotfire Analyst and deployed to TIBCO Cloud Spotfire can take advantage of the TERR Service and its compatibility with packages available from CRAN. See this analysis, which uses a TERR data function to display all CRAN packages that are installed on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire.