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1:10pm Sep 21, 2018

Introduction to Accelerators

Accelerators represent a new approach to how TIBCO engages our customer ecosystem: we created an elite team of TIBCO field engineers and asked them to solve the biggest, baddest Digital Business innovation problems that our customers are throwing at us today using IoT, sensors, Spark, and Hadoop. And we asked them to solve these problems in a way that’s extensible and re-usable based on design patterns. And we asked them to build these solutions in a scalable, high-performing way, applying continuous integration and testing. And we asked them to document and package the solutions, for free community distribution.

The result is a TIBCO-led, community-engaged way to help our customers solve the “blank sheet of paper” problem that plagues most IT organizations.

Our goal is to change the IT-to-Line-of-Business relationship when it comes to Digital Business transformation. Accelerators help IT say “yes” to more business ideas. As a result, they experiment more—when an idea doesn’t work, it’s killed quickly. If an idea is good, you build upon it. Accelerators help drive this innovation, which drives business innovation.

Depending on the use case, TIBCO Accelerators include event-driven rules in BusinessEvents, IoT streaming analytics with StreamBase, TIBCO LiveView JavaScript user interface, queries, and alert templates, predictive analytics built in R, Spotfire analytics and dashboards, integration with BusinessWorks, and case management with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM.

Accelerator Overview

For a high-level overview of TIBCO Accelerators, watch this video on the TIBCO Blog.

Steve Jobs once said, when he was at NeXT Computer, this: “The simplest to maintain, the easiest code to debug, and the most efficient piece of code… is the code you never write.” Jobs knew, back in the 1990s, that the key to making complex technology accessible and innovative was to provide simple, easy-to-understand programming interfaces to that infrastructure, and to simplify the job of building the world’s best applications.

The TIBCO Accelerator project is our effort to simplify the job of building great Digital Business applications, harness the power of re-use, and engage the formidable community of TIBCO developers. We hope all our customers join our community effort to innovate faster with Connected Intelligence, to spur innovation, and to make the world a better place.

Connected Vehicles Accelerator

The Connected Vehicles Accelerator (CVA) connects the assets and stakeholders of different types of vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, planes and buses).  This accelerator pattern shows you how to build an architecture that manages connected vehicles in real-time, including BusinessWorks for integration, BusinessEvents for rules, StreamBase for IoT stream processing, and many other TIBCO components. Check it out and please contribute!

FX Dealing Accelerator

The FX Dealing Accelerator is implemented via TIBCO StreamBase® and TIBCO® Live Datamart.  It provides a platform for foreign exchange (FX) pricing and dealing systems and delivers the necessary service in volatile markets. As part of the accelerator program, we offer the FX Dealing Accelerator (FXDA). The FXDA, available in TIBCO StreamBase 7.6, includes key components for quick-start projects: market data and execution adapters/handlers, components for aggregating prices, sample spread calculation modules, and TIBCO Live Datamart tables. A sample HTML5 trading application is also provided, which is intended to be extended in each specific implementation. Watch this video overview or read the attached Dynamic Spread Calculation brief.

IoT Drilling Accelerator

The IoT Drilling Accelerator is a platform to consume drill head data from Oil Rigs, perform Analytics on the data and present to Drilling Engineers. The Analytics are performed in Real Time and the results sent to Spotfire and Live Datamart dashboards. This gives an up to date view of Rig state and the ability to detect anomalies as they occur.

Accelerator for Apache Spark

The Accelerator for Apache Spark is now available.  TIBCO technologies interoperate seamlessly with Big Data systems to combine streams of live data, pattern recognition and historical queries on extremely large volumes of data. Patterns in historical data are interactively analyzed with Spotfire and TERR and statistical or machine learning models trained on big data clusters using Spark, H2O or arbitrary R packages. Stream data into Spark, discover patterns in Spark with Spotfire, then operationalize the insights on Big Data to take action in real time.  For example, this accelerator can be used to support hundreds of simultaneous StreamBase processes inside a Spark cluster capable of processing six months of FX quotes in under an hour.  Or, use this accelerator to capture streams of realtime retail sales events to provide customer upsell recommendations.

Business Activity Monitoring Accelerator

The Business Activity Monitoring Accelerator allows users to track business process lifecycles for SLA violations, stalled processes, and missing process instances. Processes are configured using a no-coding configuration approach that are evaluated at runtime. The accelerator works both with and without an overall BPM control system. It allows for real-time tracking of process performance to determine if SLAs are being met, giving businesses the opportunity to take proactive action to correct exception situations before they escalate.

Risk Management Accelerator

The Risk Management Accelerator illustrates the the complete Connected Intelligence story and Streaming Machine Learning. TIBCO Spotfire Analyst guides data professionals through the process of developing both supervised and unsupervised machine learning models to detect risky behaviour in a given dataset. The template is built like a machine learning tutorial allowing creating of a model using your own data with less than 10 clicks. These models can then be hot-deployed into StreamBase for real-time evaluation of events for deviation from expected norms. When an event is flagged, it is alerted and the event processing platform creates a case in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM that facilitates the investigation of the potential fraud.

Real-Time Inventory Accelerator

The Real-time Inventory Accelerator (RTIA), provides visualization of the movement and status of inventory as it changes.   The RTIA provides an excellent foundation for an inventory optimization solution.   Out of the box, the RTIA is a passive observer of inventory events but it is designed to be extended to incorporate business rules that can optimize inventory movement, re-orders, fulfillment routing etc.   The RTIA is designed to be quickly implemented and layered onto existing systems via a convenient REST API.   

Case Management Accelerator

The Case Management Accelerator  is a "quick start pack" for building case management applications based on ActiveMatrix® BPM Case Models and patterns.  The target audience is our customers and partners who want to create use case specific, case style applications, to solve business problems such as Customer onboarding, Loan origination, Incidents Management, Risks investigation and many others, using ActiveMatrix BPM® Platform. 

Insurance Pricing Accelerator

The Insurance Pricing Accelerator is a reference architecture and set of standard models that can be applied as part of an insurance premium quoting business process. Based on TIBCO StreamBase and TIBCO Spotfire, it allows insurers to become more algorithmic and take back control over their pricing platform. Reducing the need for expensive black-box applications it allows insurers to gain competitive advantage by building and deploying their own pricing models quickly and easily. Then using the Insight Platform, monitor the performance of those models and make refinements as necessary. 

High Tech Manufacturing Accelerator

The High Tech Manufacturing Accelerator shows how you can gather real-time insights into manufacturing systems by capturing sensor telemetry and then applying validations and rules within a configurable equipment hierarchy. Monitor equipment status, part production, and compute Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), providing intelligence sooner to enable actions to optimize production and improve quality.

IoT Accelerator

The IoT Accelerator captures and analyzes sensor data in real-time from Internet of Things devices. Integrate through industry-standard protocols like OSI PI, MQTT, and Web Services. Alternatively, implement custom adapters for your own protocols, all the way down to baseline serial port integration. Apply custom validations, cleansing policies, rules, and feature statistics on data feeds to identify trends and gain insight.


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