Add Audit Trail to TIBCO's EDI Plug-in using TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe

Last updated:
10:19am Sep 08, 2019

In this article, we share a TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks (“BusinessWorks”) project that was developed for the Healthcare industry. It will show also how easy it is to build an audit trail for any business process in any industry vertical.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for EDI (“EDI Plug-in”) is a versatile product for business-to-business (B2B) processing. The EDI Plug-in validates and translates inbound and outbound EDI documents in your B2B environment and integrates seamlessly to your private process via your BusinessWorks instance. Customers who want to add an audit trail system to the EDI Plug-in, can now take advantage of the recently released TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe, a service that allows system administrators to configure business audit events and record those events as they occur in any business process.

TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe has prebuilt connectors to TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, hence any B2B event generated by the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for EDI (“EDI Plug-in”) that needs to be captured for posterity can be easily recorded in TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe. B2B administrators or EDI managers will now have a quick and easy means of generating an audit trail of their EDI transactions flowing through any BusinessWorks EDI process.

The use case begins when a healthcare insurance company receives an inbound file containing various healthcare claims (X12 837) from a healthcare provider. The insurance company needs to validate the transactions according to HIPAA standards, split the file into individual documents at the claim level, and translate them into a format that their claim processing system can understand. In response to the request, the insurance company needs to generate three kinds of acknowledgements: a) interchange-level acknowledgement (TA1), b) transaction-level acknowledgement (999), and c) document-level acknowledgement (277CA).

Each hop of the inbound EDI business process is an event that is important to keep in the audit trail, therefore a Post Audit Event activity is inserted in the BusinessWorks’ business process. The Post Audit Event activity is available from the TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe palette in the BusinessWorks Designer (TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe is shipped with prebuilt plug-ins for BusinessWorks 6 and BusinessWorks Container Edition). During runtime, when an audit event actually occurs, the Post Audit Event actions will insert the time-stamp, the source of the document, the destination, the event name, and other pertinent information. The posts are encrypted in flight and in the database.

Below is an audit trail as seen via Audit Safe

There are many side benefits once the audit trail is up and running.

  • Business users, e.g., EDI managers and their team members, can now look up the status of requests easily.
  • Aggregate information across all transactions are available at your fingertips (colorful charts, anyone?).
  • System administrators can easily troubleshoot any errors that happened and were captured.
  • Best of all, the lifecycle of any transaction is visible throughout the multiple hops that it goes through. While in the sample project the audit events captured are in the EDI Plug-in domain, they can be extended to include subsequent audit events in the private enterprise domain, such as those in the Claims Adjudication System.

To see for yourself, please download this example BusinessWorks project and check out TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe! For any inquiries or comments, please drop us a note in the comment section.



Sample TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks project

TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for EDI - Standard Edition

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in for EDI - Healthcare Edition