AI on Demand: Data Science in Operations

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1:13pm Mar 02, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is right here, right now—and it’s changing our lives. The ever-present need for business optimization, combined with a long history of applied statistics, explosive growth in available data and recent advances in cloud computing has accelerated innovation and business transformation.

However, creating and implementing AI systems is tricky – many things to get right, many technology options and many human and business considerations.

The TIBCO Data Science team has created "AI on Demand" -- a compilation of innovations to provides guidance, examples, accelerators and starter apps for running AI systems at scale. The program shows real-time AI in action, including case studies in recommender systems, anomaly detection, risk management, dynamic pricing and customer engagement. The resources fall into two categories: AI Apps to provide deep, fully developed applications employing AI to address the world's most challenging use cases, and (2) Tech Tools which are general self-service tools to assist in more ad-hoc data analyses.

For inspiration and as a refresher, also check out our AI and Data Visualization: the Beauty and the Brains Tour of 2018. We really enjoyed meeting so many of you in person in the various cities and countries during that roadshow and we are looking forward to doing the same in 2021 with this particular focus on Data Science in Operations.

AI Apps

AI Apps use capabilities across the TIBCO platform to address deep and complex industry challenges. View the gallery below with links to demo videos, blogs, and templates to help you get started.

Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition

| Manufacturing | Image Analysis |

Endless streams of data should be our savior, but too often they drown us. Identifying patterns of interest in big data is complicated, but remains a critical part of any manufacturing scenario. Explore TIBCO’s novel approach to pattern recognition as applied to semiconductor wafer maps. Using a combination of machine learning techniques, learn how users can identify patterns quickly and accurately from a large amount of data. Using these patterns, Spotfire users can train and deploy a model to classify new wafers in real-time.

Edge Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis

| Manufacturing | Energy | Transportation | Cloud |

The TIBCO anomaly detection solution includes Microsoft Cognitive Services container deployment with anomaly detection, text mining, and root cause analysis. In addition, these containers can be used at the edge, for example, to identify anomalies for asset management in remote locations.

Dynamic Pricing

| Insurance | Finance | Retail |

Insurance quoting systems are becoming increasingly online and self-service, generating new data rapidly. Insurance brokers sell policies based on premiums priced by insurers. If brokers are able to utilize new data effectively, they may offer more competitive premiums by using their commissions to provide discounts to select customers. Our solutions show how TIBCO Analytics can not only monitor and visualize new quote data in real-time but also continuously "rebase" machine learning models with new data and improve the model automatically over time.

Customer Engagement

| Retail | Telecommunications |

Click Here for Demo Video

Brands today are seeking to deliver smarter engagement with customers by infusing predictive analytics into critical processes. Advanced analytics is a team sport and algorithms are only one piece of the puzzle. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, business users, and developers need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration, automation, and reuse of analytic workflows and deliver the analytics results to multiple customer touchpoints. Watch this demo to see how a fictitious telecommunication provider, "Telco X", delivers real-time contextual offers through the collaborative efforts of its marketing department, data scientist and IT.

  • Learn how TIBCO can help your telecommunications company deliver real-time contextual offers to customers
  • Read how companies can create smart apps with TIBCO Data Science. See how "Telco X" improves sales of the newest smartphone and what can be done when predictive analytics is infused into critical business processes.
  • View the full demo on this YouTube playlist.

Digital Twins to Improve Yield

| Manufacturing | Energy |

This is a manufacturing demo about digital twins for yield. It's about real-time, continuous analysis of manufacturing equipment sensor and process data at very large scales - up to millions of predictor columns - to understand the causes of semiconductor product yield loss. Digital twins are virtual representations of physical systems. The recent intense interest in them is fueled by the convergence of IoT, machine learning and big data technology directed at the growing volumes of data available from sensors on process equipment. As the process complexity increases, these digital twins are becoming key to efficient operations and high product yields. Part 1 of this demo features Spotfire and shows how the data is visualized to easily view the results. Part 2 features TIBCO Data Science and shows the big data science workflow used to generate the data visualized in Part 1.

View all materials for the Digital Twin use case on the Manufacturing Solutions page.

Production Surveillance & Condition-Based Maintenance

| Energy | Manufacturing | Transportation |

Click Here for Demo Video

In this example, we take historical data, determine conditions that help us predict failure, deploy those as rules into a real-time data feed, and monitor for potential new failures with streaming data. This "closed-loop" analytics process helps you tighten your operations and increase uptime.

  • Want to try yourself? See our Github repo with a step-by-step walkthrough HERE
  • Or, just interact with a Live streaming version directly on our Demo Gallery HERE

Fraud and Risk Management

| Finance | Insurance | 

Click Here for Demo Video

Tech Tools

Tech Tools are useful templates, extensions, and approaches put together by our Data Science Team to assist your self-service analytics. Click on the tools below to learn more.