Case Management Accelerator

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6:48am Dec 03, 2019

Version 2.0 now released.

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The Case Management Accelerator  is a "quick start pack" for building case management applications based on ActiveMatrix® BPM Case Models and patterns. 

The target audience is our customers and partners who want to create use case specific, case style applications, to solve business problems such as Customer onboarding, Loan origination, Incidents Management, Risks investigation and many others, using ActiveMatrix BPM® Platform. 

It is composed of 

  • a generic and re-composable AppDev application, made of angular material reusable components, that provides the most common UI patterns for case management, including searching for cases, acting on cases (progressing states via case actions, tasks, social comments, case folders and documents), investigating cases audit and performing analytics on cases performance and business operations monitoring in general.  

  • a role application including a set of personas (operator, worker, manager, super and admin) defined so that different personas access different modules of the application

  • a generic Spotfire library allowing interactive case analytics 

  • a sample use case based on a simplified ServiceRequest case model

For more information about Case Management, please consult the Case Management Wiki section.

Benefits and Business Value

This accelerator will help you achieve better: 

  • Agility: focus on the business problem to solve, model your use case by creating and deploying Case Data and Case Actions models using a no-coding visual notation 
  • Innovation: prototype your business use cases, using the provided generic case management sample application to create and progress cases (instances) in a business friendly interface.
  • Time to market: speed up the design and development of your target case management application by taking the Case Management Accelerator projects as a starting point and extending the templates, with access to full sources.

It is also intended to be a guide for you to understand how to design and architect case managment applications (including the case models) and therefore should represent a good example to follow in order to have your own design on good rails.

Main capabilities

The Case Management Accelerator includes a unified generic case management application including the following business capabilities:

  • Managing multiple case types with relationships and domain data
  • Creating Cases manually by filling a form
  • Searching and Accessing Cases
    • From a multi-criteria search on case attributes
    • From Analytics
    • From the user's work list and work views
  • Viewing, Contributing and Acting on a Case to progress it to its resolution including
    • Case Milestone trailer to visualise the key case states and understand what is the current state.
    • Case Summary including the related business data
    • Links and associations with other Cases if any
    • Case actions that the knowledge worker can trigger on the case, based on the current state and his profile
    • Case tasks to identify what are the pending mandatory tasks to be performed by potentially multiple actors
    • Case audit and history, to understand what's happened so far on the case
    • Documents associated with the case (to view or upload)
    • Social Collaboration with other case contributors through comments
  • Analysing Case performance
    • Using a self service interactive dashboard that a business user can easily extend

The application also includes some examples of the following technical capabilities such as:

  • A configuration based approach to work on any Case Models modelled in TIBCO Business Studio™ .
  • Theming: a one click button allowing to change colors and look and feel based on Google Materials Design
  • Multi-lingual interface: the home page is available in English (American), English (UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, and can serve as example, should you want to translate the whole application.
  • A set of reusable and extensible Angular/JS components using Google material design


You can consult the Case Management Accelerator sample application User Guide

Installation guide : Installation Guide