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Certified StreamBase Developers

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7:59am Aug 31, 2020

TIBCO Certified StreamBase Developer Program

After learning how to develop applications using TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow, developers can attain Certified StreamBase Developer (CSD) status. A Certified StreamBase Developer has the knowledge and experience to be an effective contributor to StreamBase EventFlow application development projects.

Relationship to the TIBCO Certified Professional Program

The Certified StreamBase Developer program is administered by the TIBCO Streaming Analytics/Event Processing Products & Technologies team, and is not yet formally part of the TIBCO Certified Professional program. We are working to align the two programs more closely and our plan is to provide a path for Certified StreamBase Developers to renew into the TIBCO Certified Professional program with a minimal process when the migration becomes active, though this credential migration is not guaranteed to happen.

For TIBCO employees for whom attaining TIBCO product certifications is part of your work assignments at TIBCO, please verify with your manager prior to embarking on the CSD process that attaining a CSD will be considered equivalent to obtaining TCP status.


All StreamBase EventFlow developers who have successfully mastered the material contained in the CSD Self-Study Guide (see below) and can demonstrate the effective application of the material covered by that curriculum are eligible to take the Certified StreamBase Developer assessments.

There are two parts to the assessment process:

  • A 50-question Online Examination. The Online Examination time is limited to two or three hours, depending on the version of the Examination assigned to you.
  • A Programming Assignment. The Programming Assignment is designed to take fewer than 40 hours to complete, although we allow 90 days from the completion of the Online Examination to complete the Programming Assignment.


Certification at the Certified StreamBase Developer level entitles the holder to the following benefits, independent of company affiliation or customer status:

  • Use of the title “Certified StreamBase Developer” during the term of your certification
  • Notification of StreamBase releases via e-mail


Certification status is valid for at least two years. It must be renewed, if we require it, no more frequently than every two years according to the then-current requirements for each certification level.


At present, there is no monetary cost associated with becoming a CSD or with maintaining CSD status. This may not always be true.


  • We assume that CSD candidates have prior programming experience, and that EventFlow is not the first computer programming language the candidate is learning
  • Some experience with the JUnit 4 functional unit testing framework and the Java programming language is required to complete the Programming Assignment
  • The current Programming Assignment's requirements assume some knowledge of fairly basic statistics and statistical functions such as average, mean, median, and standard deviation and how to use and when to apply them. While you don't need to really understand these topics in detail in order to successfully complete the assignment, it would help to review these topics in general and also to become familiar with the range of StreamBase's built-in facilities for statistical calculations in both simple and aggregate contexts
  • A licensed copy of TIBCO StreamBase or TIBCO Streaming (which includes TIBCO StreamBase) is a requirement. There are numerous ways to obtain the StreamBase software, including trial and time-limited licenses via, or if you are not already a TIBCO StreamBase licensee.


The best way to prepare for the certification assessment is via the CSD Self-Study Materials, available below. The CSD subject matter is outlined in the CSD Self Study Guide included in the Materials, as are the steps for learning the material.

If desired, you may augment your preparation with TIBCO Educational ServicesTSB401: Developing Applications with TIBCO StreamBase course. TSB401 currently covers most, but not all, of the CSD subject matter, and also has covers some additional topics NOT on the CSD Assessments. Even if you take TSB401, we very strongly advise CSD candidates to work through the Self-Study Materials and in particular do the exercises. As an example, the CSD Assessments assume a greater knowledge of the details of EventFlow operators than TSB401 presents.

It's our experience that it takes about a week (40 hours) of effort to prepare for the Online Exam, including reviewing the material in the CSD Self-Study Materials and doing the included exercises, for candidates who don't know any StreamBase prior to preparing for the exam. If the candidate is already familiar with StreamBase, it takes less time. The exercises just by themselves take 5-10 hours. Please be aware that we do not provide sample questions for the Online Exam.

The Certified StreamBase Developer assessments assume knowledge of StreamBase 7.2 or later.

Help with Preparation

Just because we've made a set of Self-Study Materials available doesn't mean you can't have some help with preparation if you want. Members of the TIBCO Streaming team are always willing to answer questions or even have discussions. So long as you are not currently actually engaged in taking the assessments themselves, you can ask for preparation help at with general questions about StreamBase. (Once you are enrolled for the Online Exam or we have sent you the Programming Assignment, we assume that you are taking it, though, and will no longer answer your questions about the product, only about assessment issues.) For preparation purposes, you can ask questions at

Also, our TIBCO Streaming Enablement team is frequently making and publishing new product tutorials via this community page. While the tutorials there cover more subject matter than the current CSD assessments do, this material can provide more information or a different perspective on the CSD subject matter – just always use the CSD Self Study Guide to decide what material will be covered on the assessments.

Online Exam Tip

A Online Exam tip that may be helpful.

Since the Online Exam is open book and open computer, it can be very helpful to have a way to quickly evaluate unfamiliar or complicated StreamBase expressions available during your Online Exam.

TIBCO Streaming/StreamBase 10.5.0 introduced the Expression Evaluator in StreamBase Studio. That is a good way to evaluate expressions quickly and interactively.

In StreamBase 10.x versions prior to 10.5, there was no way to interactively evaluate expressions.

In StreamBase 7.x and prior, there no Studio-based Expression Evaluator, but there is a command line expression interpreter invoked using sbd --eval.


C:\TIBCO\sb-cep\7.7>sbd --eval "int(4 in [2,3,4,5])"
(int) 1

This command only works with simple (as opposed to aggregate) expressions that have constant arguments, and a few functions don't work with sbd --eval, but it's a very handy tool. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the use of sbd --eval before the exam, and to remember that you have to surround expressions with double quotes in the StreamBase Command Prompt on Windows. (Single or double quotes work as they usually do in Linux or MacOS shells.)

CSD Self-Study Materials

For individuals who would like to learn StreamBase and achieve Certified StreamBase Developer (CSD) status, we make available:

The self-study materials complement and leverage the online tutorials;  see the file CSD Self-Study Guide.docx in the self-study materials for the order of study and pointers to supplementary resources.

If you follow the recommendations in the guide, you should be well prepared for the CSD assessments. It is particularly important to do all of the non-optional exercises.

Steps to Become a CSD

  1. Prepare for the Online Exam. No matter how much StreamBase you already know, review the CSD Self-Study Materials thoroughly.
  2. Do the CSD Self-Study Materials exercises.
  3. Enroll for the Online Exam. Once you believe that you have mastered the material outline in the Self-Study Materials and in particular have completed the exercises included there, please e-mail the Certified StreamBase Developer team (at Exam Enrollment Request, and ask us to enroll you in the Online Exam. We require your full name and email address in order to enroll you. We may ask you a few questions first to see if we think you are well-prepared, especially if we don't already know you. We process enrollment requests manually, and currently the StreamBase Certification team resides in the Eastern United States of America, so please forgive us if we don't respond to your emails as quickly as a computer might.
  4. Take the Online Exam. You will receive instructions on how to do this after you successfully enroll. If and when you pass the Online Exam, we will email you the Programming Assignment.
  5. Complete the Programming Assignment.
  6. Submit Your Programming Assignment. There are instructions on exactly how to do this in the Programming Assignment itself. Currently, Programming Assignment submission are graded manually. We generally are able to grade assignments within two weeks of submission, but we will provide an estimate of the grading time when receive your submission, with thanks in advance for your patience.

Assessment Guidelines


Above has been a summary of CSD process. In this section are the Assessment Guidelines we present to candidates while they are taking the assessments. If there is any conflict between the content on the rest of this page and the Assessment Guidelines in this section, the Assessment Guidelines will be the controlling text. We may revise these guidelines at any time and without notice.

A Certified StreamBase Developer must demonstrate the following:

  • Basic understanding of StreamBase architecture, operators, adapters, and performance considerations
  • Ability to design, develop, implement, test, and debug StreamBase EventFlow applications
  • Knowledge of good practice when programming in the StreamBase EventFlow language

To become a Certified StreamBase Developer, you must successfully complete two assessments:

  • An online exam
  • A programming assignment

The subject matter of these assessments corresponds to the topic outline presented in CSD Self-Study Materials package available through this page.

Policy on assessment collaboration: You may not exchange information about the assessment contents with anyone, using any means, before, during, or after the assessment process; you must complete the assessments by yourself.

The online exam is hosted at and is implemented as a module in the “Certified StreamBase Developer” course at Litmos. You can take the online exam at any time after you complete this Guidelines module. The online exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and must be completed within a continuous N-hour period. Please note:

  • Each question has exactly one correct answer, so choose only one answer per question.
  • At the end, if time remains, you will have an opportunity to review and change your answers. We encourage you to use this opportunity if you are uncertain about any of your answers.
  • You can use StreamBase Studio or any written material as aids. We encourage you to have an instance of StreamBase Studio running, with the Help system open, while you take the exam.
  • You may find the sbd --eval or Studio Expression Evaluator features to be helpful during the Online Exam. See discussion above.

The results of the exam will be tabulated immediately and returned upon completion. A passing grade is 84% or higher. Passing the online exam allows you access to the next stage of this certification process, which is a set of programming assignments. If you do not pass the online exam, you must wait 24 hours before you can attempt the exam again. If you fail the online exam twice, you may re-register after a 30-day waiting period, during which we encourage the you to thoroughly review the subject matter and perhaps seek some preparation assistance. If you fail the online exam a third time, it will be at our discretion whether to provide further opportunities to take the online exam.

After you pass the online exam, you will receive the programming assignment by email from the StreamBase Certification Team. You must submit your completed programming assignment within 90 days. If you need a StreamBase product license for this purpose, you may acquire one. There are numerous ways to obtain the StreamBase software, including trial and time-limited licenses via, or if you are not already a TIBCO StreamBase licensee.

The assignment includes instructions on how to organize, document, and submit your completed assignment solution. Upon receiving your submission, members of the StreamBase Developer Certification Team will review your work and respond regarding its correctness and quality. In some cases, the review could include a critique and the opportunity for you to revise and resubmit your assignment solution, or portions of the assignment solution. If you fail the assignment or do not submit your completed assignment solution before the 90-day deadline, you may re-register after a 30-day waiting period. There is no predetermined limit to the number of times you may resubmit your programming assignment solution.

Upon successfully completing the programming assignment, you will have met all requirements for Certified StreamBase Developer certification. You will be notified of your accomplishment and will then be certified as a Certified StreamBase Developer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Thank You

Thank you for your interest and your time, and please contact the Certified StreamBase Developer team if you have any questions about the CSD program.