Configure Custom PostAuthentication Filter in TIBCO Spotfire® Server

Last updated:
2:22am Nov 24, 2021


Below are the steps to be followed to build, deploy and configure a custom PostAuthenticationFilter on TIBCO Spotfire® Server

Build and Deploy

  1. Copy spotfire-server.jar, log4j-api.jar from <installation directory>\tomcat\webapps\spotfire\web-inf\lib  and add it to your Java build path
  2. Create PostAuthentication Filter implementing the PostAuthenticationFilter interface
  3. Compile the source code and build a JAR file.
  4. Copy the Custom PostAuthenticationFilter JAR file and deploy it to <installation directory>\tomcat\custom-ext


  1. Open TIBCO Spotfire Server Config tool and go to the "PostAuthentication Filter" tab on left panel under the "Configuration" tab
  2. In the "Custom Filter Class" field, enter the fully qualified class name of your PostAuthentication Filter
  3. In the "Custom Filter Configuration" field, enter any configuration information needed by our custom PostAuthentication Filter class
  4. Save the configuration
  5. Restart the server


License: TIBCO BSD-Style License