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Departmental Use Cases for Collaboration: HR

To maximize the benefits of collaboration, it’s important to have an open and sharing-oriented organizational culture. But this can be a chicken and egg situation: there can often be a need to show collaboration value in order to open up and spur more sharing, but openness and sharing is the terra firma on which real collaboration happens. Well-planned use cases can ease this common dilemma.

In this new blog series, we’ll take a closer look at use cases for leveraging enterprise social networking (ESN) for a variety of departments... 


The Fast Track to Maximum Value in Collaboration

A common question we hear is, “My company has just purchased a collaboration platform. Why can’t we just launch and tell people to start collaborating?”...


TIBCO’s tibbr New External Communities Empower Greater Collaboration With Partners, Customers, and More—For Free

Here’s a question I’ve been getting more and more recently: What’s the best way to build rich collaboration with our internal employees and members, and also securely and simply include external parties (customers, prospects, partners, vendors, consultants, etc) when necessary? And inexpensively too, please...


tibbr Geo: Augmented Reality That Helps You Collect Intelligence, Not Monsters

Much is in the news lately about the hot augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go leverages your mobile’s GPS to display Pokemon characters on the screen—virtually—as if they were near you, so you can catch them. Different Pokemon appear depending on your location...


TIBCO tibbr Gives Customers the Workshop and Tools to Build Their Own Custom Integrations

Most tibbr fans already know that beyond standard enterprise collaboration functionality, tibbr offers best-in-class integration features. They can use tibbr to bring data feeds from other applications and sites into tibbr, as well as put tibbr into other applications and sites.  For example, tibbr offers 20+ off-the-shelf applications that integrate…


Recipes to Boost Employee Engagement #1: Provocative Polls

In this new series of blogs, we’ll look at ways to help boost adoption and engagement of your collaboration program, in recipes that take no more than 10 minutes each. While we show examples of doing these steps within tibbr—TIBCO’s award-winning enterprise social networking (ESN) platform—they may apply to other… 


Recipes to Boost Employee Engagement #2: Progress is Powerful

Continuing with our recent blog theme, here’s a recipe that will turn up the heat on adoption for your collaboration program—how progress is a powerful organizational motivator for increasing sharing and communication.


Recipes to Boost Employee Engagement #3: Measuring Success

In this next blog in our series of simple recipes for boosting employee engagement for your enterprise social networking (ESN), let’s look at how to prepare for and measure success. While the best practices here are often thought of as applying to early rollouts, they can just as easily be…


tibbr Files: Find the Story Behind the Files

Many organizations leverage a variety of document management solutions: perhaps one corporate standard, like SharePoint; while perhaps a recent acquisition is staying on Google Drive for awhile; then there’s marketing using a shadow network of DropBox to collaborate with external partners, and technical support still uses their Box account to….


FedRamp-Certified Tibbr Solves Complex Collaboration Needs of Government Agencies and NGOs

TIBCO is proud to announce the certification of tibbr by the Federal Risk & Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP. tibbr is one of the only enterprise collaboration platforms to receive this certification, positioning it to meet the strict data privacy and security needs of government agencies, both in the cloud and… 


TIBCO’s tibbr Provides Highly-Secure Collaboration Platform for Government and NGOs

Governments and NGOs have been asked to do more in collaboration and process optimization with less. An optimal approach is to try to increase the speed of information flow, break down walls and silos, accelerate innovation, and increase productivity. Due to concerns about security and related processes, these organizations were…



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