Doctor Spotfire Office Hours
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12:56am Mar 12, 2019

Welcome to Dr. Spotfire!

Whether you’re brand new to TIBCO Spotfire® or have a problem that’s been bugging you for a while, we’re here to help! TIBCO is now holding free, regular "office hours" for all Spotfire users where we’ll answer your questions about all things Spotfire, share tips & tricks, and help you discover powerful features you might have missed. Dr. Spotfire office hours are staffed by our top data scientists and education staff. Register now!

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Who Can Attend?

Anyone can attend office hours--and it's free! New user questions as well as advanced Spotfire topics will be answered. Register now!

How Do I Get My Question Answered?

  1. Post your question to the TIBCO Community "Answers" section with hashtag #DrSpotfire
  2. Tweet it with the hashtag #DrSpotfire.
  3. Or email it, if it's business sensitive .

Your question will be considered in the next Dr. Spotfire Office Hours held on first Tuesday of every month at 9am PT.

What Topics Are Covered?

We cover all things Spotfire, including: 

  • Visualization Tips & Tricks
  • Loading Data
  • Data Wrangling and Data preparation
  • Calculations and Custom Expressions
  • Using R with Spotfire
  • Geo Analytics
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Integration with Other TIBCO Products

Meet The Team


Previous and Upcoming Dr. Spotfire Sessions



Featured Session


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Apr 2019


Text Analytics and Machine Learning using Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science by Monica Cisneros

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Mar 2019


Taking Advantage of TERR (R) in Spotfire X by Robert Brushenko

  Currently Available On-Demand

Feb 2019


Spotfire X Natural Language Query and AI by Divya Kapoor

Jan 2019


Enhancing Spotfire Visualizations and Workflows with Images by Neil Kanungo

Dec 2018


Spotfire X Data Canvas by Sean Connors

Nov 2018


Reliability Analysis: Estimating Part Lifetimes From Only a Few Failures by Peter Shaw

Oct 2018


Table of Contents in Text Areas with Bootstrap Templates by Minerva Dutta

Sep 2018


Overview of Community Site by Nawaz Ali Mohammad and Anna Aprelenko

Aug 2018


Caching Spotfire by Kushboo Rabadia

Jul 2018


Custom Visualizations by Stu Blair and Minerva Dutta

Jun 2018


Self-Organizing Maps by Peter Shaw

May 2018


QGIS & Shapefiles in Spotfire by Neil Kanungo

Apr 2018


What's New in Spotfire 7.12 by DivyaJyoti Rajdev

Feb 2018


Kerberos Authentication in Spotfire by Ninad Sawe

Jan 2018


JSvis and D3.js in Spotfire by Andrew Berridge

Dec 2017


What's New in Spotfire 7.11 by DivyaJyoti Rajdev

Oct 2017


Effective Bar Charts by DivyaJyoti Rajdev

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