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12:15pm Mar 20, 2020


Welcome to the TIBCO Spotfire and Element AssetHub demo to monitor and analyze valve performance. Ensuring that engineering and operations teams can continuously assess the health of control valves and make sure that they are performing effectively is critical to ensure safe operations and shift from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance, reducing overall maintenance costs. Critical asset information historically has been locked away in silos or systems of record. The same data may be entered multiple times across systems, be inconsistent across functions, or difficult to join together.

AssetHub is enterprise software to connect to and integrate disparate asset metadata into an asset model, including historian tags, Process Hazard Analysis data, Maintenance Work Orders, Safety instrumented functions, events and alarms. AssetHub standardizes and cleans up metadata across systems into a model that is deployed to OSIsoft PI Asset Framework and kept up to date. Spotfire can integrate to this model and provide integrated dashboards for end-users to take action.

As an instrumentation engineer, I can easily go to Spotfire to perform demand analysis to understand which valves are not closing within 45s, as mandated by regulatory compliance. Here I've easily identified 4 valves that have exceeded the travel time, I can check on my historical work orders, take a look at related alarms and events, and see the safe integrity limits for this valve.

I can also perform flow vs. position analysis to inspect any potential wear or sticking in my valves and then perform linerization calibrations or maintenance on problem valves.  Analysis on historic workorders give me information on which valves have been the most problematic so I can focus my time and energy and addressing those valves.

Having asset based information with the right context at the right time is critical for ensuring safe and effective operations. AssetHub builds relationships between asset as-designed, as-operated, and as-maintained data eliminating the time and manual effort to join data together and keep the model updated.

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