Flogo Introduction Slides and Videos
Last updated:
2:37am Jan 12, 2017


This page contains some introductory videos and slide decks to give an overview about Flogo including architecture, use cases and comparison to other open source IoT frameworks.

Overview about Flogo (Architecture, Use Cases, Source Code, Live Demos)

Here are the slides: Open Source IoT Project Flogo – Introduction, Overview and Architecture

You can also watch the following 45min video where you will be walked through these slides. The video also includes some live demos and source code:

Flogo Live Demo and Source Code

If you want to see just the live demo, watch the following 15min video:

Development of a Custom Flogo Connector

The following video demonstrates how to develop your custom Flogo adapter (i.e. Trigger or Activity). As example, we will show you how to build a Flogo Activtiy to send messages to an Apache Kafka broker:

Comparison of Flogo with other Open Source IoT Frameworks

The following slide deck and corresponding video compare different open source frameworks:

  • Dataflow Pipelines like Apache Nifi, StreamBase or Cask Hydrator
  • Stream Processing Frameworks like Apache Storm, Flink, Spark Streaming or Samza
  • Process Engines like Flogo, Node-Red, Eclipse Kura (+ Apache Camel)

This might help if you wonder when you might benefit from using Flogo instead of other available frameworks. As hint: Flogo is especially useful if you care about low footprint (disk / memory) and fast startup times. Flogo is great if you want / need to deploy your services at the edge (--> IoT devices) or to build very lightweight cloud native or serverless microservices. 

Here are the slides and the video which discuss this in much more detail:

Slide Deck: Comparison of Open Source IoT Frameworks


Any feedback or questions are highly appreciated. Please use the Community Q&A for to ask whatever you want to know. Do not forget to tag it under product "Project Flogo" so that other Flogo experts and users can find it easily.