Getting Started with TIBCO Spotfire®
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12:01am Feb 10, 2017


  Welcome to the getting started guide for Spotfire!

This is your map for all things Spotfire, including links to get started, find meetups, link to our new Component Exchange, find tips and tricks, training, and more. 

Get Started Using Spotfire: You just heard Spotfire is cool (it is!) - where do you start? It depends on what device you want to use:

What's New in Spotfire Spotfire 7.8 is our latest product release for TIBCO. Spotfire 7.8 extends the reach of the Spotfire Recommendation engine into the data space, making it easier than ever to add more rows of data to your Analysis. For Administrators, Spotfire 7.8 adds support for authentication through OpenID Connect (OIDC). And for IronPython and C# developers, there are new APIs that enable you to create more easy to use and powerful analytic applications using Spotfire. Read this Wiki page for a tour of what's new in Spotfire today.

TIBCO Spotfire Meetups and UsergroupsOnline communities are great, but it's more fun to meet in person. Find a Meetup in your area and review the ones we've done recently. 

Weekly Orientation Webinar. New users get an introduction to how to get started using Spotfire.

Spotfire App Store and Component ExchangeWe've launched our TIBCO Component Exchange here on our new TIBCO community. The Exchange is a place to find and share free, BSD-licensed components for Spotfire.  Download Data functions and Analysis templates that enable you to easily extend Spotfire capabilities.  And we continue to have a great network of partner marketplaces like Exchange.AI, which includes apps for data quality, data science, finance, integration, knowledge management, manufacturing, oil and gas, and more.

Spotfire YouTube Channel:  English  |  en Espanol . Short how-to videos that explain how to accomplish simple tasks in Spotfire.

Free Quick Reference Topics. Expand your proficiency with Spotfire in short, free, 20 minute education modules.

Spotfire Demo Gallery. Great inspiration on how to deliver stories about your data in Spotfire. 

Ask Dr Spotfire:  Whether you’re brand new to TIBCO Spotfire® or have a problem that’s been bugging you for a while, we’re here to help! TIBCO is now holding free, regular "office hours" for all Spotfire users where we’ll answer your questions about all things Spotfire, share tips and tricks, and help you discover new powerful features you might have missed. Dr. Spotfire office hours are staffed by our top data scientists and education staff—the experts from TIBCO Software. 

Tips & Tricks. How-to tips & tricks to get you on your way to becoming a Spotfire power user!

TIBCO Spotfire Product Documentation. The home of the official Spotfire product documentation. 

Interactive Guided Spotfire Cloud Getting Started Tutorial:  Please use this step-by-step interactive tutorial to quickly learn how to use Spotfire to build effective analytical solutions and dashboards.

Spotfire Training. Free on-demand training by user role (analyst, business author, consumer, administrator), and links to live online training and other training options. 

    Spotfire Learning Hub. Links to all the community forums, training sites, documentation, and webinars. 

    Spotfire consulting services from TIBCO. TIBCO expert professional services for Spotfire.

    The Spotfire Partner NetworkLooking for a partner for help with Spotfire? Want to join our community? Start here, or look for how they can help you on the partner community Wiki page here.

    Spotfire Product Overview. Overview of all Spotfire products on the community site. 


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