How to Configure TIBCO Enterprise Message Service with Fault Tolerance on Amazon AWS

Last updated:
6:52am May 07, 2020

The purpose of the document is to provide a guide to install, configure, and run TIBCO Enterprise Message ServiceTM (EMS) in a fault-tolerant configuration on Amazon AWS with RedHat or Amazon Linux. In addition, the document will provide the steps and expected results for testing EMS F/T using AWS’s Elastic File System (EFS) for shared storage.

The document will outline:

  • Setting up Red Hat Linux EC2 instances on AWS
  • Setting up EFS for the shared file system in AWS
  • Setting up the NFS4 mount on the Red Hat Linux EC2 instance
  • Setting up the Amazon Linux2 EC2 instance to support TLS tunneling when mounting the EFS file system  
  • Installing and configuring EMS for F/T
  • Tuning EMS for AWS/EFS

Running tests for:

  • EMS process failure
  • Network failure between the EC2 instance running EMS and the shared storage
  • Accidental reboot of the EC2 instance from the AWS Dashboard


Feedback (1)

Hi John, We want to upgrade EMS 8.3 to EMS 8.4.1 on AWS. We are using Gluster FS and want to use EFS . It is in FT in prod.
what are steps we need to follow.
help appreciate.

rsonigar 10:32am Mar. 13, 2019