How To: Integrating a Project Flogo™ flow with Alexa & AWS Lambda deployed on a RaspberryPI

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9:40pm Aug 26, 2019

AWS services such as IoT, Alexa and Lambda can be integrated with Project Flogo™ flows to run on different microprocessors such as a RaspberryPI. The following tutorial has been broken up in to two seperate videos. 

The first video will go over setting up the different AWS services needed to integrate an Alexa skill with your Project Flogo flow. This includes setting up your Lambda function, your IoT/MQTT messaging and building your Alexa skill.

The 2nd video goes over building your Project Flogo flow and deployment on to your RaspberryPI. At the end of the video we see all of the different parts working together in action.

Please check out Project Flogo on its Github repository for more information about different triggers, activities and samples that are available:

Feedback (6)

Slow to get back to this - @Joerg, that's exactly my question.

bdorman 7:28pm Mar. 30, 2018

You can find currently available Activities here:
 Are you looking for a CLI Activity to run a unix shell command by Alexa?

Joerg Grote 2:28am Feb. 20, 2018

Excellent demo. Question: since Raspberry Pis are fully functioning UNIX systems, what do I need to be able to ask Alexa to run a command rather than operate a GPIO pin? The case I am thinking of is for an interactive Pi powered display in a museum where visitors can ask to show videos accessible on the Pi.

In this demo Flogo operates the pin setting through a Flogo connector written in Go. Is there a connector to do the above? If not, where would I go to understand how to write one?

bdorman 6:16am Feb. 11, 2018

Link should be fixed. Thanks for the feedback!

Cris 11:49am Jan. 10, 2018

Works for me. FF, Chrome. VPN off.

Don Johnson 12:18pm Jan. 08, 2018

FYI: the last line GitHub link is broken and shows 404   .... looks like fixed in the meantime.

Joerg Grote 12:09pm Jan. 08, 2018