How to Manage Your TIBCO® Community Notifications Email.
Last updated:
9:06am Mar 19, 2019


Few people like SPAM.  We, at the TIBCO® Community, do not want our Notifications Emails to be considered SPAM.  You have full control over what notifications you receive from us. Following are various methods for managing TIBCO Community Notifications.

Login to the TIBCO Community

In order to receive notifications, you need an account.  If you don't have an Account, you will need to Register first.

TIBCO uses a Single Sign-On Service called 'TIBCO Accounts' for most all of its' websites. Login to your TIBCO Community Account.

Go to your Profile Page

Once you're logged in, you'll see your username in the top grey bar. This is also a link to your user profile page.

Click on that link and you'll be taken to your user profile 'feeds' page. There are two options that effect notifications behavior.

  • Notifications
  • Interest Settings

The Notifcations Pane

Check the Notifications Box and you'll see two options that you can (un)set.

  1. "Email Notifications (on/off)" turns all notifications from TIBCO Community on or off.

  2. "Auto-Subscribe to content I create"  allows you to (un)set auto-subscription to any questions, answers or wiki articles you create.

If you change any settings, you'll need to hit the "Save Settings" button.

The Interests Pane

If you check the "Interest Settings" option, You'll see a listing of all the various content that you are subscribed to. For each, you'll see a 'Remove' option to it's right that you can click to stop following that particular piece of content.  This will stop Notifications Email from being sent to you about changes and such to that content.

How to manage Notifications from any particular content page

Questions and Wiki Articles

From a Question or a Wiki Article, you can unfollow that page by clicking on the green button with the white arrow on it. That indicates that you are peresently following the page.

If it turns blue, with the label, 'watch' on it, you are not following that page. You could click on it to turn it green again and start following it.

Products and Extensions (Modules)

For Products and Extensions, there is a small 'eye' symbol in the upper right corner. If you're not following this module, the 'eye' will be followed by the word 'follow'.  This means that you are currently not following that module.

Clicking on the 'follow' link will turn it into a check mark that indicates that you are following that module.


TIBCO Community allows you to control if you receive Notifications are not, and. if you do, you can control what content you get notifications on.

If you are still having problems, you can email


If you are getting unwanted TIBCO Email from some other TIBCO website or activity, you can communicate your needs to

TIBCO® Software takes your privacy concerns and your notifications issues seriously. You can review our Corporate Privacy Policy here.

We strive to limit our communications to the level of which you deem appropriate for you.