How to reuse a Spotfire JSViz example and apply it to your data.
Last updated:
2:03pm Feb 08, 2017

These are the steps needed to reuse an existing Spotfire JSViz example and apply them to your data.  This assumes that you have already installed the JSViz framework.

  1. Open a Spotfire session with your data.
  2. Open the JSViz example in a different Spotfire session and display side-by-side.
  3. In your data session, click on 'JS' icon JS Vizualization icon from to the top menu or Insert (menu) -->Visualization-->JavaScript Visualization'.  (displays a clean JS Viz) 
    1. Click on the 'Properties' icon Properties Icon (from top right corner if visual to open JSVizPropertiesDialog)
    2. Click on 'Data' (left panel) --> click '+' icon and configure
      1. General Data Settings:

        1. Data table (reference)
        2. Filtering Scheme (reference)
        3. Marking (reference)
        4. Limit data by: (option)
      2. Column Definitions:
        1. Select Group-by Columns (see JS Viz example --> JSVizPropertyDialog-->Data-->'Edit' edit
        2. Selected Column Expressions (see JS Viz example) to determine how to compute items in visual
          1. The number of elements will depend on the JS Viz example (the Funel Plot example uses 2 items: the first is the label; the second the calculation).
          2. 'Save Expression' --> 'Close'  
  4. Click on 'Library' (left panel)
    1. From JS Viz Example, open JSVizPropertyDialog-->Library-->'Export to Clipboard'
    2. Return to your data session and click on JSVizPropertyDialog-->Library-->'Import From Clipboard'
  5. Click on 'Contents' (left panel)
    • Select the items in 'Available Content'  and move them into the 'Used Content' in the same sequence as in the JS Viz example.
  6. Click Close.