Import and Export using API Modeler

Last updated:
11:31am Apr 26, 2018

Modeling and testing APIs

  1. Getting started
  2. Prerequisites
  3. My first API
  4. Adding resources
  5. Import & Export
  6. Managing API specs
  7. Testing with Mock apps
  8. Advanced topics


While not all APIs will have a Swagger or YAML file that describes what the capabilities are, you’ll most likely come across a few. You can import these into the API Modeler to make enhancements and updates by clicking the import button (upward facing arrow) in the API Modeler page. You can import them from:

* your local computer (from filesystem)

* the Internet (from URL)

* from GitHub

The option Import from filesystem gives you the ability to upload any API specs you might already have lying around on your machine. You can also drag and drop them onto the screen to upload them!

The option Import from URL gives you the ability to upload them directly from a URL pointing to an API spec.

The option Import from GitHub gives you the ability to import API specs directly from GitHub. As you click this option you’ll be asked to give TIBCO Cloud Integration access to access your account, including your GitHub account user data, as well as accessing to the private and public repositories of this account. Don’t worry, you can always revoke access and we won’t do anything without your consent.


Export doesn’t only sound like the reverse of import, it really is. From within the API spec, right next to the Preview button, you have the Export button which let’s you export the API spec. the first choice you have to make there is whether you want to export it as a YAML or JSON file. the second choice is where you want to export to. You can export it to your local computer (simply downloading it) or you can export to a GitHub repository and put the API there. With exporting to GitHub we do a git commit for you so all changes are done as you hit the Export button. You can specify the filename and even the commit message to reflect what you’ve just exported.

Imported and Exported!