Installation of TIBCO® Spotfire Advanced Data Services fails on Linux if system user mysql doesn't exist
Last updated:
6:30am Nov 11, 2015


Installation of TIBCO Spotfire® Advanced Data Services on a Linux system fails. In your cmd session, and also logged in the the CompositeInstall.log file, you see errors like the following:

chown: `mysql': invalid user
chown: `mysql': invalid user
chown: `mysql': invalid user
Installing MySQL system tables...
[Warning] option 'thread_stack': unsigned value 126976 adjusted to 131072
[ERROR] Fatal error: Can't change to run as user 'mysql' ;  Please check that the user exists!
090617 20:00:14 [ERROR] Aborting
090617 20:00:14 [Note] /opt/Composite_Software/CIS_5.0.0/apps/mysql-5_0_72/bin/mysqld: Shutdown complete


This is a known, but not reliably reproducible, issue. The solution is to manually create a 'mysql' user on the system before doing the installation. You can use the below command to accomplish this:

useradd mysql

This user can then be removed after the install completes.

Applies to

  • TIBCO Spotfire® Advanced Data Services 6.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 5.x, 6.x
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.x, 11.x