Installing CRAN Packages in TIBCO Spotfire®

Last updated:
10:46pm Jun 12, 2019

Sometimes when people write R scripts, they'll use CRAN packages to do a very specific type of analysis.

CRAN packages have directly contributed to the wild success of the R language.

In this video, I show how to install CRAN packages from in a TIBCO Spotfire® environment. It's essentially the exact same thing as installing into any other R environment.

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Alternatively, you can use the Spotfire menu:  Tools > TERR Tools, Package Management tab.

It's also great to know where the TERR engine is installed.  (You can also get this on the Engine tab of TERR tools, by copying the TERR engine path to the clipboard. )

kroan 12:44pm Aug. 06, 2018

If you want to setup feedback on a dashboard (for example "which CRAN packages am I missing?"), here's a quick Inline TERR script to let you know:

  TERR_String( "list.of.packages
                <- c('sp','lattice','gstat','zoo','spacetime',
                <- paste(
                       !(list.of.packages %in% installed.packages()[,'Package'])
                     sep='', collapse=', '

Set it up as a calculated value in a textarea, and users can know what packages they are missing. See it the entire article here:

lucaswood1 9:37am Mar. 29, 2016