Installing CRAN Packages in TIBCO Spotfire®
Last updated:
8:09pm May 05, 2016

Sometimes when people write R scripts, they'll use CRAN packages to do a very specific type of analysis.

CRAN packages have directly contributed to the wild success of the R language.

In this video, I show how to install CRAN packages from in a TIBCO Spotfire® environment. It's essentially the exact same thing as installing into any other R environment.

Feedback (1)

If you want to setup feedback on a dashboard (for example "which CRAN packages am I missing?"), here's a quick Inline TERR script to let you know:

  TERR_String( "list.of.packages
                <- c('sp','lattice','gstat','zoo','spacetime',
                <- paste(
                       !(list.of.packages %in% installed.packages()[,'Package'])
                     sep='', collapse=', '

Set it up as a calculated value in a textarea, and users can know what packages they are missing. See it the entire article here:

lucaswood1 9:37am Mar. 29, 2016