Monitor your business's KPIs in your phone using TIBCO Spotfire
Last updated:
1:15pm May 31, 2016

Depending on the nature of the business, or the process you are involved in, the frequency with which you need to monitor KPIs might differ. For example, if you are technically responsible for a web shop with a lot of transactions, or if you are a trader in a financial institution, you might need to keep a very close watch on some aspects of performance. But if you are interested in KPIs for demographic development in the countries of the world, you might notice that they do not necessarily change every day.

Most cases are probably somewhere in between: you may not need to sit and watch the KPIs continuously, but you can’t wait several days to check them. In this case, having KPIs accessible in your phone is a great way to be able to check them when you want to. Spotfire 7.6 introduces a new visualization, the KPI chart. It easier than ever to create a dashboard with the new KPI chart, and then make it available to consumers using the Spotfire iOS app or the Spotfire web client.

Using the new KPI chart, you can create mobile dashboards so users can browse their KPIs, tapping a KPI to view more detailed KPIs, or to view more details in regular Spotfire visuals.

Here is a short video that shows an application for monitoring Sales performance versus target performance on the state level and the individual sales rep level, and provides a view of sales rep historical performance.

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