My first API with API Modeler

Last updated:
10:37pm Aug 26, 2019

Modeling and testing APIs

  1. Getting started
  2. Prerequisites
  3. My first API
  4. Adding resources
  5. Import & Export
  6. Managing API specs
  7. Testing with Mock apps
  8. Advanced topics

Let’s get started by modeling our first API on TIBCO Cloud Integration. This part of the tutorial will walk through creating the simple API spec that we’ll use in the other parts of the tutorial as well. 


After logging in to TIBCO Cloud™ Integration click on the API specs option to get to the API Modeler.

To create a new API spec, simply click the large orange button that says Create which will present a modal where you can provide a name, version number, and group for the new API specification. For this tutorial we’ll create a BookStore API so enter BookStore as the API name, enter 1.0.0 as the API version and hit create. We’ll keep the group set to Default for now.  Click Create to create the API specification.

You’re now greeted by a “blank canvas” to add your first strokes on designing your new API.



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