My First API on TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

Last updated:
12:49pm Mar 26, 2018

Modeling and testing APIs

  1. Getting started
  2. Prerequisites
  3. My first API
  4. Adding resources
  5. Import & Export
  6. Managing API specs
  7. Testing with Mock apps
  8. Advanced topics

You don’t have to be a Swagger expert to get started with designing and documenting your new API. Creating an API from scratch can be a difficult task, though creating the model of an API first eliminates long drawn out development projects. What if you could create API specifications without writing a line of code?

REST can be tricky if you want to follow all the rules of the architecture but with the API Modeling capability we’re making it easy for you as you only need to point and click to design your API. That means you don’t have to be a Swagger expert to get started and you don’t have to be a RESTafarian to start working with the API Modeler.

The API Modeler includes an integrated testing capability that allows you to generate a mock application to see if your new API design matches your expectations. Once you create a mock app it will get a unique URL to share with, for example, front-end developers so they can start testing and designing end user applications before any code is ever written.

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