Navigate Spotfire pages / tabs with a dropdown

Last updated:
12:20pm Feb 20, 2020

First note there is an in-built option to do this right on the Page Navigation bar:

However, if you want to have a Dropdown in Text Areas, you can follow this step-by-step guide.

1) Create a Text Area

2) Create a Property Control

3) Create a Document Property "MyPage" or whatever you'd like. Make it a "String" data type

4) Set property value through "Fixed Values", then enter your dropdown displayed text in 1st column and the actual page name in 2nd column (you may choose to keep these the same)

5) Go to File > Document Properties > Properties tab, and then have "MyPage" trigger an IronPython script whenever the value changes

6) Create the script as follows

dp = Document.Properties["MyPage"]

for page in Document.Pages:
   if (page.Title == dp):


7) You're all set! You can right-click the Text Area and "duplicate" it, then place the duplicated Text Areas on each page so you don't have to re-configure things.


Go here to find more IronPython Scripting help: