Running MATLAB under TIBCO Spotfire

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9:17am Feb 02, 2018


  • Software Required
    • Spotfire Statistics Services
    • MATLAB license
  • More info
    • See Spotfire Statistics Services Installation Guide: Configuring a MATLAB Engine, for info on configuring it to use MATLAB.
    • Sample Data Functions and Analysis files for MATLAB are provided for your Spotfire Library. If you don't see these files in Library, contact your Spotfire Adminstrator. Instructions for installation can be found in the Spotfire Server Installation Guide, p.116, Enable Data Functions Usage.

MATLAB Production Server

In addition to Spotfire's integration with interactive MATLAB via Spotfire Statistics Services, Mathworks has also developed a Spotfire extension to enable integration with MATLAB Production Server


Which MATLAB Integration should I use?

Common features of both options

  • Enable the creation of a Spotfire application that leverages advanced analytics in MATLAB, and makes those analytics available to a wider audience via Spotfire
  • Deployment to Spotfire users on the web and the desktop
  • Enables Spotfire analysts and application authors to create applications by connecting MATLAB data functions to Spotfire data tables and user inputs.


TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services (TSSS) capabilities for connecting to MATLAB

TIBCO Spotfire Statistical Services (TSSS) provides connections to individual MATLAB sessions running on TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, allowing the use of MATLAB scripts within the Spotfire environment. Each concurrent MATLAB session run uses a full MATLAB instance and requires access to a full MATLAB development license.

MATLAB scripts are edited and published directly from within Spotfire (using Register Data Function). TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services enables connectivity to multiple analytic engines in addition to MATLAB, including TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, open source R and SAS.

This may be the best solution for you if you prefer to develop and manage your MATLAB analytics within Spotfire, only need to support a single version of MATLAB, have fewer concurrent users and/or an environment of mixed advanced analytics (MATLAB, R, etc.)


Spotfire connection for MATLAB production Server

The Spotfire connector for MATLAB Production Server provides a link to MATLAB Production Server, a highly scalable application server for running MATLAB based analytics. This provides for a robust, and scalable MATLAB analytics engine for use within the Spotfire environment:

  • Centrally manage MATLAB analytics that are based on different versions of MATLAB
  • Lock down and encrypt your analytics to prevent tampering and disclosure of algorithms
  • Server based analytics engine complements a scaled-out and redundant Spotfire architecture
  • Capacity based licensing is more economical to support multiple concurrent users and frees up MATLAB development licenses

MATLAB analytics are developed using the MATLAB development environment, published directly to MATLAB Production Server, and then integrated into your Spotfire application as Data Functions.

This may be the best solution for you if you prefer to develop and manage your MATLAB analytics outside of Spotfire, need to support multiple versions of MATLAB, have a larger number of concurrent users, and/or a primary focus on MATLAB integration into Spotfire. 


Feedback (2)

Is this a comprehsensive guidelines to running MATLAB with Spotfire? Because what if you wanted to use Spotfire Analyst with MATLAB ... don't you also need to add in the MATLAB url in administration preferences? I don't see this in the link provided:

Kevin Choi 9:05am Dec. 01, 2016


may I ask about the experience of Spotfire users running Matlab data functions?. We are experience significant performance issues, see:

michel.beck 1:00pm Nov. 03, 2016