Show labels for the total of each bar for a stacked bar chart with both positive and negative segments
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12:01am Jun 21, 2017

The stacked bar chart in Spotfire lets the user see both the positive and negative segments very clearly. However, when the stacked bar chart has both positive and negative segments it may be harder to judge the total for each bar. In the below screenshot, the top bar chart is not stacked, and it is easy to see that the total value for DIV C is 96. However, in the below bar chart where the bars are stacked this is less obvious, one would have to calculate 147-51 to reach the same conclusion. In some cases, you may want to provide the combined information of both these bar charts in one combined chart. However, Spotfire has no out-of-the-box option for this, so lets instead look at an option for how to acheive this using the Trellis headers.


The idea is to trellis the visualization by Division, concatenated with the Result. This is easily acheived through the following custom expression on the Trellis by columns axis:

<[Division] & " - " & Integer(Sum([Result]) OVER ([Division]))>


This then produces the bottom chart in the screenshot below. I have included the top, non-stacked, bar chart as a reference.

The DXP file used for the screenshots is attached to this article. 

Hope that this is useful if you  encounter this issue in your Spotfire files. Please also note that there is an Idea on the TIBCO Ideas portal that suggests to solve this as a label option. The Idea is filed as Please vote on that Idea if you think it is important, and feel free to suggest a design that you think solves this the best.



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