Spotfire Cloud Migration: How to Migrate Data to TIBCO Cloud
Last updated:
6:24am May 04, 2018

The old Spotfire Cloud system ( is being shut down, and is replaced by TIBCO Cloud Spotfire (, the home of all TIBCO Cloud products.

This page shows step-by-step instructions for how to migrate content from the old Spotfire library to the new site. For any other questions regarding the migration, please check out the complete Spotfire Cloud Migration FAQ.

  1. Activate your new TIBCO Cloud account and log in to the new site at
  2. Select Import content from Spotfire Cloud from the help menu (with the question mark), next to your name.

  3. On the Import content from Spotfire Cloud page, follow the instructions for each step.
  4. Step 1: Authenticate against your old Spotfire Cloud account.

  5. Step 2: Select the content to import.
    If you’re a part of a team you’ll have more than one option to choose from.

    If you’re an organization owner, you’re responsible for migrating the team folder content as well as your personal folder. For more information, see the FAQ.

    If you’re a single user, you’ll only have access to your own personal folder:

    If you’re a consumer user, you’ll not be able to import any content at all:

    If this is the case, then you don’t need to do anything.

  6. Step 3: Importing content.The Import page will remain on step 3 until the import is done. You can move away from this page and do other work if you like.

  7. If you had the option to import two folders, both a team folder and a personal folder, then these will be imported separately. You will receive an email when each of these imports is complete. If both imports are successful you will get the following emails in your inbox:

    This shows what the success email for you personal folder looks like:

    If either of the imports fail, you will get an email saying the folder could not be imported. If this happens, please submit a support case to help resolve the issue.

  8. Once the import is complete the migration page will update and include a link to where your imported content is available. If either of the imports failed you will see that here. This screenshot shows what it looks like after a successful import.

If anything goes wrong or you need assistance, please submit a support case.