Spotfire Cloud Migration: How to Update the Spotfire Cloud Analyst Client
Last updated:
10:59pm May 06, 2018

The old Spotfire Cloud system ( is being shut down, and is replaced by TIBCO Cloud Spotfire (, the home of all TIBCO Cloud products.

This page shows step-by-step instructions for how to update the Spotfire Analyst client to point to the new site. For any other questions regarding the migration, please check out the complete Spotfire Cloud Migration FAQ.

  1. Make sure you’ve activated your account on the new system. For more information, see the FAQ.
  2. Import any content from the old system to the new. For more information, see the FAQ.
  3. Now it is time to update the Spotfire Analyst client to point to the new site. Once you initiate the content migration in step 2 above, that page will update to display status and include a shortcut link “Launch Spotfire Analyst to update”. Click that link for a quick and easy update, and then you can skip straight to step 10 of these instructions.

  4. If the shortcut link didn’t work for you, please follow the steps below to perform the update yourself.
  5. Launch your existing Spotfire Analyst on your computer to reach the login dialog.

    Note: If you’ve selected the “Save my login information” option previously so the login dialog isn’t displayed you need to close Spotfire Analyst again and then click the Windows start icon and search for Spotfire. Choose the option called “TIBCO Spotfire Cloud (show login dialog)” which will force the login dialog to display.


  6. In the login dialog, click the Manage Servers… link.

  7. In the Manage Server dialog, click the Add... button.

  8. In the Add Server dialog, enter the new server URL, and click OK.

  9. The new server is now listed in the Manage Servers dialog. Click OK to return to the login dialog.

  10. In the login dialog, click Log In and you'll be prompted to log in through your web browser.


  11. After logging in, you will be prompted to update to the latest version. Click Update Now to accept all updates.

  12. Once the updates are done, you’ll arrive back at the login dialog and need to log in again. 
  13. Spotfire is now connected to the new site and you can save content to the new library.

If you need assistance please submit a support case.