Spotfire Data Science Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated:
2:14am Oct 11, 2018

How Do I…?


Make a workspace?

  • From the left sidebar, click Workspaces, and then click Add a Workspace.

Add people to my workspace?

  • On the Workspace Summary page, from the left sidebar, click Add or Edit Members.

Data Sources

Add a Data Source?

  • From the left sidebar, click Data, and then click Add a Data Source.

Add or update credentials on a data source?

  1. From the left sidebar, click the Data tab
  2. Select a data source.
  3. Click Edit Data Source.

Add a sandbox?

  • In the Workspace view, from the right sidebar, click Add a Sandbox.

Note: If a sandbox is attached to this workspace, then you cannot add another sandbox.

Visualize data?

Visualizing data is available for only database data sources at present.

  • From a sandbox, click Visualize.


Make a workflow?

  • From the Work Files tab for a workspace, in the sidebar menu, click Create New Workflow.

Rename an operator on a workflow?

There are two ways to do this.

  • Double-click the name of the operator on the workflow canvas, and then type the new name.
  • Double-click the name of the operator in the operator Parameters dialog box.

Copy an operator on a workflow?

  1. Right-click the operator, and then click Copy.
  2. Select an area on the canvas, and then click Paste.

Use a workflow variable in an operator in a workflow?

To use a workflow variable in an operator, just refer to it by name, including the @ at the beginning.

  • To create a workflow variable, from the Actions menu, click Workflow Variables.

Switch between different versions of a workflow?

  1. In a workflow, click Actions > Flow History.
  2. Select a version of the workflow.
  3. To roll back to the selected version, click Replace Current. (To download the workflow instead, click Download.)

Copy a workflow to the same workspace or a different workspace?

  • Under the Work Files tab, in the Workfile Actions sidebar, click Copy. You can then select the workspace to copy the flow to.

Run a workflow?

You can run a workflow using one of several available available tools.

  • While you are editing a workflow, from the top menu, click Run.
  • From the workflow preview, click Actions > Run Now. Clicking Run Now runs the entire workflow from scratch. Running the workflow from the workflow canvas uses any step-run results.
  • You can run only part of a workflow by clicking an operator on the canvas, and then from the context menu, clicking Step Run.

Download a workflow result?

  1. After the workflow finishes running, click Save Workflow Result.
  2. Click Actions > Your Workflow Results.
  3. Select the desired result, and then click Show Result.
  4. From that screen, click Save HTML Report

Make a Touchpoint?

  • Under the Work Files tab of the workspace, select a workflow, and then, from the sidebar, click Create Touchpoint.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule a job?

From the Jobs tab of a workspace, in the sidebar, click Create a Job. See the section on Jobs in the glossary for more information.

See the result of a finished workflow that ran as part of a scheduled job?

  1. While you are editing the workflow, click Action > Your Workflow Results.
  2. Select the desired result (with the Run Type ‘Scheduler’), and then click Show Result.


Export a model from Alpine?

  • Use the Export operator.

Import a model into an Alpine workflow?

  • Use the Load Model operator.


Share my work with others?

There are several ways to share.

  • You can add others to a workspace so that they can see the associated datasets and workflows.
  • For a more interactive experience, you can create a Touchpoint from the workflow (if this feature is enabled).
  • If you want to share only the results of a selected workflow, you can click Save Flow Result to see the results under Actions > Your Workflow Results. To publish these results for other people in the workspace to see, click Publish to Workspace.

Add an insight?

  • In the workspace view, from the right sidebar, click Add an Insight. You can attach files and notify members of the application. The insight is displayed in the workspace under the Overview tab.


Download log files?

  1. Click your user name, and then click Help and Support.
  2. Click Download Logs.

Only administrators can download logs.

See details of a running MapReduce or Spark process?

  • When you run a workflow, the console displays the identifier of the Spark or MapReduce job. Click that link to display the Hadoop application overview.

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