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5:54pm Jun 17, 2020


The Spotfire Enablement Hub is designed to get you skilled up quickly and easily, no matter what level of experience you are. There are videos split into three sets: Quickstart, Fundamentals, Active Users to help users across different levels and various needs.


These videos are designed for users with 0 hours of experience with Spotfire. They are 20 minutes in total duration. Learning by doing is the best way to retain knowledge. After viewing this content, be sure to try Spotfire for yourself before moving on to Fundamentals.


These videos are designed for users with over 5 hours of experience with Spotfire. Try to familiarize yourself with these topics before moving on to Active User.

  Active User

These videos are designed for users with over 10 hours of experience with Spotfire. They are designed task-specific, so watch videos as they pertain to your needs.





      Continue Your Learning

    There's tons to do in Spotfire! These are some of our favorite ways to continue your learning. 

    TIBCO Spotfire: A Comprehensive Primer, 2nd Ed. 

    - Book by Data Scientist, Andrew Berridge
    Dr. Spotfire's Office Hours
    The doctor is in! Every week Dr. Spotfire publishes a short video tip on Spotfire directly to YouTube. Every month there is a live webinar on deeper topics, and often includes special guests from the Spotfire Community. Learn more about Dr. Spotfire HERE.
    TIBCO Analytics Meetups
    Regular User Group Meetups, both virtual and in-person, for networking and learning new ways to solve problems. Find more detail HERE.
    TIBCO Academy
    Get Certified! The TIBCO Academy offers eLearning courses for many TIBCO Products, including Workshops, Hands-On Labs, and Certification that you can share on LinkedIn. Learn more HERE.
    Spotfire Cheatsheets
    Keep these handy! Link HERE

      Additional Resources


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