Spotfire Sankey Diagram using JSViz
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9:19am Dec 12, 2018


The attached DXP file shows a simple Sankey example using d3.  The DXP file is for Spotfire 6.5 so it will work on Spotfire 7.0 and 7.5/7.6 etc.

Before opening the DXP file you will need to have the JSViz extension installed.  This can be downloaded from here: 



Here is another example the leverages TERR:
See how to reuse this example:


Binary Data d3sankey.dxp144.48 KB

Feedback (7)

Hi Dave,

Link isn't working any more, can you please update

Nrt248 10:26am Feb. 06, 2018

Kevin,  The download of the attached dxp works fine for me.

Don Johnson 11:17am Jun. 09, 2017

Link doesn't work anymore. Can't download the sankey diagram dxp.

Kevin Choi 10:42am Jun. 09, 2017

Hi all,

Is there any limitations like number of rows ? ( in the index and sankey link table).


Adhish Manu Valsalakumar


adhishmanu-0 8:43pm May. 28, 2017


It seems the link is not working anymore.

Can you fix it please?



marco.garoglio 4:45pm Apr. 06, 2017

The Sankey sample does not have Marking implemented.  Each implementation of Marking is specific to the visualization and how the customer wants to use it.

Dave Leigh 11:33am Mar. 16, 2017

Hi Dave,

I tried your sample and found out that marking is not working in this sample, whenever i try to mark an area it gives me nested rectangles(in Analyst and WebPlayer).

I tried marking code given in the sampe in other visualizations but the same behaviour was seen.

Can you please let me know the possible reason for this ?



P.S: I am running Spotfire 7.6 with HF-009

Archit.Soni 9:23pm Dec. 05, 2016