Spotfire Sankey Diagram using JSViz

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9:19am Dec 12, 2018
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The attached DXP file shows a simple Sankey example using d3.  The DXP file is for Spotfire 6.5 so it will work on Spotfire 7.0 and 7.5/7.6 etc.

Before opening the DXP file you will need to have the JSViz extension installed.  This can be downloaded from here: 



Here is another example the leverages TERR:
See how to reuse this example:


Binary Data d3sankey.dxp144.48 KB

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The JSViz button appears in the toolbar once the JSViz extension is installed and provided you have the correct permissions.  There are full instructions in the User Guide.

Dave Leigh 10:10pm Aug. 14, 2019

The Sankey sample does not have Marking implemented.  Each implementation of Marking is specific to the visualization and how the customer wants to use it.

Dave Leigh 11:33am Mar. 16, 2017