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tibbr Departmental Use Cases: Corporate Communications

Last updated:
9:24pm Aug 26, 2019

There are many use cases for collaboration related to corporate communications, and many of the other examples shared in this series could involve outreaches of this type: But let's take a look at an additional use case that's more specific to what an internal communications team might wnat to achieve....

Broadcasting News & Updates

  • Announcement subjects result in posts getting displayed to everyone's wall--and optionally their emails as well.  There's no need to subscribe individual users to the subject, which is managed by Corp comms
  • Video streaming can be enabled from any public / internal video source
  • Announcement posts on right side appear on everyone’s walls, as do events
  • Display executive-level messages / announcements – press releases, annual reports, events, announcements, etc.
  • Reach the entire company easily
  • Options exist to configure things such that users can only like; not reply or make their own posts.