TIBCO Analytics: New Customer Orientation
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Welcome to TIBCO Analytics

TIBCO helps organizations develop insights from any data, deliver them in real time, and automate actions to make better decisions faster. Those solutions combine ease of use with depth and governance to grow as users' needs evolve.

This page is a guide for those users: System Admins to Data Architects to Analysts and Power Users. While emphasizing Spotfire, the approaches here also apply to the full analytics portfolio:


Key Purpose of This Orientation

This orientation provides new customers with a variety of recommendations to quickly move from first login to first insight. You will gain three types of benefits:

  1. Guidance on getting access to your products and setting them up.
  2. Recommendations and best practices for starting usage.
  3. Awareness of the many additional resources available to help you and your organization achieve your goals.

If you have questions along the way, use the Q&A section below. And be sure to take advantage of our free monthly orientation webinars & Dr. Spotfire sessions.    

1. Gain Access

Fulfillment & Access

Fulfillment & Access

Product Update

Product Updates



Community Access & Layout

Community Access

2. Get Setup & Start Delivering Insights

Build your first visualization by joining the next Spotfire Orientation Webinar. In the meantime, select a role/experience below to explore top recommendations for you.



Data prep, wrangling, data access

Data Access

Analyst, visualize, Insight

Story Creation

TIBCO Spotfire Cloud

Cloud Experience

No matter your role, here's a collection of Top 5 Tips for all users.

Introduction to Community

Free Training

Customer Success Center

Get ?s Answered

Essential Resources

Essential Resources

Mainstream vs LTS

Use cases & Demos

3. Get Help with Additional Resources

Technical Support

Technical Support

Customer Success Packages

Customer Success Plans

PSG & Data Science

Consulting Services

Education and Training

Education & Training

4. Summary & Next Steps

The purpose of this page has been to orient new customers of TIBCO's analytics products towards the extensive resources available to you. From gaining access to starting usage, to a plethora of help sources, TIBCO supplies not only the analytics technologies needed for your digital business initiatives to succeed but also the experience and resources to simplify the journey.

There's a tremendous amount of material on this page to come back to reference often, but if we had to narrow things down to just our Top 3 most recommended next steps out of the gate: 


Setup your Support Portal: the clean and simple interface provides a surprising multitude of options: subscription to support notifications, federated search across Community, Knowledgebase articles, documentation, support tickets, and more.


Register for Dr. Spotfire: Staffed by top data scientists and customer success managers, anyone can attend Dr. Spotfire's office hours—new user questions, as well as advanced Spotfire topics, are addressed. (It's easy to ask questions in advance by posting to Community Q&A with hashtag #DrSpotfire.)


Consider a Customer Success Plan: Add a designated CSM for individualized, ongoing success management, plus a team-based approach for assistance with training plans, guidance on best practices, access to industry-leading data scientists, workshops, and more. 

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1. Gain Access 

The information below will help you to start charting your analytics journey with TIBCO: gaining access to your system, understanding how to stay aware of updates, etc.  

Fulfillment & Access

Fulfillment & Access  

If you are Spotfire Cloud users please click here, following section about Access is only applicable to on-prem customers.

  • Main customer contacts are sent a fulfillment email, with information on how to access the TIBCO edelivery site.  If you have not received access to the edelivery site but need to do so, please reach out to your TIBCO Sales rep, or ask the person at your company who purchased the product(s) -- as they may have been the one to whom this information was sent.
  • System Requirement information will help you prep to set up your own Spotfire environment in your organization, on your own servers.
  • TIBCO documentation site is a great place to learn and understand your analytics products with detailed documentation.
Product Update Product Update  
  • You can keep up to date with different information about TIBCO products by subscribing to it through your support.tibco.com >>Your name>> Product Interest and Knowledgebase subscriptions(Check out here)
  • Understand Mainstream & Long Term Support product strategy here. (Check out here)
  • Share enhancement ideas via Ideas Portal  
cloud Cloud  

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire® is data analytics software-as-a-service designed for data mining. Everything you need is available on the cloud — no installation, just analytics. Whether you are a solo user or analyzing alongside a team, we have monthly and annual options available to meet your needs. 

TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud Enterprise User:

  • You will find some of your questions already answered on this page.

TIBCO Spotfire® for AWS Users:

Community Access & Layout Community Access & Layout 

Our community helps you ask and answer TIBCO product questions with responses from other knowledgeable community members and even experts at TIBCO. It's fast and easy to signup for TIBCO Community accounts.

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2. Get Setup & Start Delivering Insights

There are a wide variety of resources to stand up your instance and accelerate your knowledge of TIBCO Analytics' powerful features. Let's roll up our sleeves.



Note: Not applicable to TIBCO Spotfire Cloud/ TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Enterprise customers

  • Spotfire for the Enterprise: An Overview for IT Administrators:  This whitepaper, based on the new 7.5 architecture, is intended for those wanting information on TIBCO Spotfire® administration and deployment capabilities: its architecture, data connection, security, scalability, administration, and performance.

Install & Configure:

  1. System Requirement information to check which servers and Machines you will need.
  2. Make sure you have all the required executables downloaded from  edelivery site  (For access check this out)
  3. Watch this Spotfire orientation training, to understand the architecture of TIBCO Spotfire.
  4. Watch " Installing Spotfire" videos to understand how you will install Spotfire.
  5. You should visit Spotfire server docs site (Select appropriate version) to learn everything about configuration. (You should check out "Basic Installation Guide" for quick and basic configuration information)

Update & Upgrade

  1. You should keep up to date with different information about TIBCO products by subscribing to it through your support.tibco.com profile (Check out here)
  2. You can download HOTFIX released for Spotfire from Support site. (Check out here)
  3. You should check System Requirement information again before upgrading to make sure, your environment still able to hold new version.
  4. Watch this quick video about upgrading Spotfire environment   

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    Data Access

    Data Admin


    1. Add Excel/CSV/TXT Data (video)
    2. Data Access FAQ page answers some of the important questions around data.
    3. Training Videos for Connectors will help you understand more about connecting to different data sources.
    4. Tibco Spotfire Connector page provides all information about every supported connector (see System Requirements)
    5. You can access templates for JDBC connection to different data sources here.
    6. Community page about Big data provides really valuable information about it. 

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    Story Creation



    1. Series of getting started videos & visualization videos are the best place to get started with simple how-to videos.
    2. Watch videos on filters.
    3. How to make data drill down in Spotfire, will be a good starting point.
    4. Data Wrangling in Spotfire videos will help you save time to prepare data.
    5. Basic Visualization Quick Reference Topics:  Choose the Basic Visualizations section for information on Histograms, density plots and bubble charts(click here, for example)
    6. Visualization Properties Quick Reference Topics:  Choose the Visualization Properties section for information on Configuring properties & color schemes, adding images & web links(click here, for example,)
    7. Interacting with data in Visualizations Quick Reference Topics:  Choose the Mark Data, Limit data & Interacting with Data section for information on Sorting data in visualizations, rotating 3-D scatter plots(click here, for example,)
    8. Signup for analytics on-demand webinars & upcoming events

    Deep Dive:

    1. Advanced Quick Reference Topics:  Choose the Advanced Visualizations section for information on Treemaps, Pareto charts with cumulative lines and parallel coordinate plots. (click here, for example,)
    2. TERR/STAT & predictive Topics:  Choose the TERR-Data Function, Predictive and Statistical feature for information on data functions, predictive model, and different stat features. (click here, for example,)
    3. Data function videos and Predictive modeling videos will help you further in this topics.


    1. You should ask Spotfire admin in your company to download Spotfire SDK listed under Spotfire server download section for some example custom extensions. (click here & here, for example)
    2. You should bookmark Extending TIBCO Spotfire page for a huge collection of customizations you can do within Spotfire.
    3. TIBCO Spotfire API reference( Please select right version) on doc site will provide a reference to all APIs from Analyst. (Check out here)
    4. TIBCO Spotfire Server API & REST API reference ( Please select right version) on doc site will provide a reference to all APIs related to Spotfire server.(Check out here

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    Cloud Experience

    1. Getting Started with Spotfire cloud video will quickly familiarize you with the core concepts of TIBCO Cloud Spotfire.
    2. How to share analysis video demonstrate how to share a Spotfire folder or individual Spotfire analysis with individuals, groups or publicly.
    3. TIBCO Cloud Spotfire user guide is a handy resource to know different features of Spotfire cloud.
    4. Series of getting started videos & visualization videos are the best place to get started with simple how-to videos.
    5. Watch videos on filters.
    6. How to make data drill down in Spotfire, will be a good starting point
    7. Basic Visualization Quick Reference Topics:  Choose the Basic Visualizations section for information on Histograms, density plots and bubble charts<<click here, for example,>>

    Cloud Trial User:


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    A Collection of Top 5 Tips for Users of All Types

    No matter your role, save time with these handpicked tips by the TIBCO Customer Success team:  

    Free Training & Demos Free Training   
    1. Access a wide range of free learning videos from getting started to predictive analytics.
    2. Check out the Spotfire Quick Reference Topics (QRTs) to get a lay of the land on key capabilities.
    3. View free samples from TIBCO Education.
    4. Watch TIBCO Spotfire Youtube channel for quick videos on emerging topics.
    5. Take advantage of our free monthly orientation webinars.

    Coming Soon! -- more detailed persona-based training paths

    Customer Success Center Get ?s Answered  
    1. Leverage the Support Portal's federated search across knowledgebase articles, wiki pages, etc.
    2. Post how-to questions in Community Q&A.
    3. Attend a local analytics-focused webinar or Meetup or review archives
    4. Open a technical support case.
    5. Browse the extensive Technical Publications
    Essential Resources Essential Resources   
    1. Bookmark the Customer Success Center -- a digital Spotfire Newsletter updated bi-weekly
    2. Register for Dr. Spotfire -- a free monthly "office hours" for all things Spotfire: ask questions, share tips & tricks, and discover powerful features you might've missed. (Watch previous sessions.)
    3. Browse the Spotfire Wiki to find helpful articles. (We recommend Spotfire Tips & Tricks.)
    4. Learn nearly everything you'll need to create powerful visualizations.
    5. Extend the core functionality of analytics with custom components, automation and add-ons using the TIBCO Exchange.
    Use cases & Demo Gallery  Use cases & Demos 
    1. Check out the interactive demo library. (We recommend the important work performed for better understanding homelessness.)
    2. Access industry specific use cases.
    3. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport wins championships with data and analytics.
    4. TIBCO Streaming Analytics: introduction & demo
    5. Getting Started with Statistica

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    3. Get Help with Additional Resources

    TIBCO has your back! Check out these options for addressing your technical and business needs, and scaling your success. 

    support Technical Support  


    If you have technical questions or product issues, contact TIBCO Technical Support.

    If you have questions that are more of a basic "how to"-type nature (like best functionality to utilize, example use cases, etc.), use the Answers feature to harness the power of the Community to help.

    TIP: Our support portal allows you to respond to your Case using an email. Cases must still be logged and opened via the Support Portal; however, now you can respond to updates from our Support Engineers using email.

    Customer Success Packages Customer Success Plans  

    TIBCO offers several Customer Success Plans, with pre-bundled options of our most often requested services, including:

    • Assigned Customer Success Manager
    • Technical Services 
    • Premium Education 
    • Executive Sponsorship
    • and more

    To learn more, contact your TIBCO account representative.

    Consulting Services Consulting Services  

    The TIBCO Professional Services Group (PSG) & Data Science teams are examples of the very experienced TIBCO consulting available to customers. Known for helping customers get more value in less time, TIBCO applies a proven delivery approach honed over 20 years of successful deployments. Examples of services provided are,

    • Strategy Services
    • Architecture Services
    • Management Services
    • Infrastructure & Operations Services
    • Implementation Services
    • TIBCO® Cloud Path
    • And more

    For additional information please visit this page.

    Education and Training Premium Education and Training

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