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2:16pm Jun 12, 2019

This Wiki provides a location for the TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM community to share how-to information with one another. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

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Monitoring & Management

Latest News

  • The Case Management Accelerator has been released on Component Exchange.

    Be sure to check it out - with this accelerator you can create your first Case Management App in minutes
  • Latest Hotfixes always available via TIBCO Support Website.
    • latest TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.3. 
    • come along with  TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid 3.4. 

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We continue to work on the structure, cross-linking and tags which should make it easier to navigate to relevant BPM Wiki articles - this page is a good starting point but you should use search as well - your continued feedback is much appreciated.

Joerg Grote 2:45am Aug. 25, 2016