TIBCO® Cloud Integration Release Notes

Last updated:
6:27am Aug 26, 2021


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Current Known Issues

Lists Known Issues with a workaround where available. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.2.0.0 August 26, 2021 Release

This release has some new functionality and updated connectivity, including: .

  • New APIs to manage extensions, upload supplements, list Hybrid Agents and their status, delete Marketplace listings, encrypt password values for Flogo apps, export Flogo apps, and build and download Flogo app executables.
  • Live Apps applications display on the Apps List
  • App filtering by App status
  • OAuth token authentication support for  the CLI and the Hybrid Agent.
  • Deleting Marketplace listings
  • Enhanced Hybrid Agent start agent command to enable  tunnel debug messages in the debug log

Develop/TIBCO Flogo 

New activities (ReplyToTrigger, ProtobufToJSON, No-Op), new triggers (App Startup and App Shutdown), building an app executable, support for Mutual TLS in InvokeRESTService activity, overriding app property values in the Flow Tester, Mapper Support in the "Retry on Error" tab, deploying a Flogo app to Microsoft Azure Functions, support for $loop.index in foreach array mapping, new URL and JSON functions 

Develop/TIBCO Flogo Connectors

Google Cloud SQL, Marketo - Release Notes, Microsoft Azure Service Bus - Release Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis - Release Notes, Salesforce.com - Release Notes, WebSockets

Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks Plugins

Facebook - Release Notes, Google Cloud Storage - Release Notes, MongoDB - Release Notes, SAP - Release Notes, Snowflake - Release Notes

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.1.1.0 July 1, 2021 Release

We have added updates to connectivity and minor fixes to TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.

Develop/TIBCO Flogo Connectors

  • TIBCO Cloud™ AuditSafe
  • Oracle MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL

Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks Plugins

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.1.0.0 May 26, 2021 Release

We have added new APIs to help you manage your Marketplace listings. Use these APIs to: 

  • Return customer organizations and their access status for one or more Marketplace listings.
  • Return all Marketplace listings owned by the selected organization.
  • Update the provider for a Marketplace listing.
  • Grant/revoke access to a Marketplace listing for a customer organization. 

Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks

Develop/TIBCO Flogo®

For TIBCO Flogo we added the following: 

  • File support in ReceiveHTTPMessage trigger and InvokeRESTService activity
  • Move branches from one activity to another within a flow
  • Execute JavaScript activity - New!
  • TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Apache Kafka can now connect to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging broker url hosted on TIBCO Cloud Integration. (FGKAFKA-9)
  • TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Apache Pulsar now supports connectivity to TIBCO Cloud Messaging service. For more information, see “Connecting to TIBCO Cloud Messaging – Apache Pulsar” section in TIBCO Flogo Connectors guide. (IPAS-17474)

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.0.0.0 April 8, 2021 Release

We have upgraded our Marketplace to provide you with additional options to search, discover, consume, review, and even contribute your own items either privately or publicly.  New filters and tagging are now provided to make it easier to see what is available.  We’ve made it easy to contribute to the Marketplace by adding the option right where the app or extension exists in your organization.  With one click, you’ll be prompted for some additional details and the item is published for your organization alone.  You can later submit this contribution for approval to be publicly displayed for all TIBCO users in your region.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.3.0.0 February 22, 2021 Release

We are excited to announce the release of a new TIBCO Cloud Integration API that supports managing and monitoring TIBCO Cloud Integration apps and organizations providing you with an improved CI/CD process. To further support the Developer Community, we have Swagger support and extensive online documentation for our API.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.2.2.0 January 13, 2021 Release

We've updated connectivity for the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorksTM Plug- in for IBM i.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.2.1.0 December 15, 2020 Release

We've added new features, updated connectivity, and closed a couple of Known Issues.

Integrate (TIBCO BusinessWorks™ )

  • Process Diff Viewer - Compares two revisions of a process side by side visually in TIBCO Business Studio for BusinessWorks. 
  • App Templates - Import or export pre-designed app templates designed with best practices and pre-configured processes, shared resources, and modules.
  • OAuth Client flow implementation - Fetch an access token from the OAuth server and include it to invoke an OAuth secured API secured. 
  • Externalized Configuration and Credentials Management - Provides the ability to integrate with external Config and Credential Management tools and services to fetch values for app configuration parameters when deploying an app to TIBCO Cloud. 
  • OAS 3.0 Support - Create a REST Service and Invoke a REST API using the OPEN API 3.0 Specification for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Integrate.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plugins

  • MongoDB
  • SMPP

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.2.0.2 December 2, 2020 Release

We added a few new features and fixed some Known Issues.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect

  • View the status of each metadata request made by a Connection in a flow.
  • Debug flows containing Connections that support hierarchical data.
  • Reprocess failed records for Event apps containing either a Message flow or a Request/Reply flow.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect API

  • GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/connections/{connectionId}/metadataRequests - Return a list of the most recent set of metadata requests and the status of each request for a specific Connection.
  • Set additional options for storing failed records for reprocessing on the Organization models used in the GET and PUT Organization calls.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.2.0.0 November 19, 2020 Release

We've added new features and some updated Connectivity.

  • Hybrid Agent - Includes streaming logs and communication with on-premises resources.
  • App Tagging - Define and apply tags to filter and group apps.
  • Organization-level connections - Promote Develop/Flogo connections to the organization level.
  • OAS 3.0 - Support for OAS 3.0 API for Develop/Flogo.
  • Supplements - Improved Supplement management.

TIBCO Cloud Integration V2.1.1.2 October 12, 2020 Release

We have improved the use of session cookies to address issues where some users received  a “Bad Request” message from TIBCO Cloud Integration and were required to delete cookies or use an Incognito Window to continue.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.1.1.1 September 21, 2020 Release

We’ve closed some issues and updated the Child organization process!

When a Child organization is created, TIBCO Cloud Integration™ - Connect API and Event IP Addresses whitelisted on the Security Settings page are inherited by the Child organization. Subsequent changes to the Parent organization are not synchronized with associated Child organizations. 

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.1.1.0 September 16, 2020 Release

This update is a maintenance release to close a couple of Known Issues and to provide you with some important updates and updated connectivity.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™  Plugins

  • CICS
  • IBM MQ
  • Salesforce

TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

  • Salesforce.com Einstein Analytics

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.1.0.0 August 26, 2020 Release

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: We are introducing the Hybrid Agent which extends App Monitoring to to include remote apps hosted outside of TIBCO Cloud.
  • Develop (TIBCO Flogo®): Improved design usability including app version numbers, configuration of HTTP response, return activities and mappings and additional configuration fields for the “Send email” activity. 
  • Integrate (TIBCO BusinessWorks™): Newly pushed BusinessWorks apps, display a read-only app version in the App Details page. 

TIBCO BusinessWorks™  Plugins

  • HL7 with FHIR
  • MongoDB
  • Swift

TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • HubSpot
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MQTT
  • Oracle MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Salesforce
  • TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe
  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.0.2.0 July 21, 2020 Release

This update is a maintenance release to close a couple of Known Issues and to provide you with some important updates and updated connectivity.

  • TIBCO Business Studio™ Container Edition
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks™
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks™  Plugins
    • AMPQ
    • Apache Kafka
    • Google Cloud Pub/Sub
    • TIBCO eFTL

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.0.1.0 July 8, 2020 Release

This update is a maintenance release to close a couple of Known Issues and to provide you with some important updates and updated connectivity.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plugins

  • AMQP
  • AuditSafe
  • EDI
  • EJB
  • Google BigQuery
  • HL7 with FHIR
  • OSIsoft Pi
  • SAP S/4 Hana
  • SAP Solutions
  • Snowflake

TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

  • AuditSafe
  • Salesforce
  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.0.0.1 June 18, 2020 Release

This update is a maintenance release to close a couple of Known Issues and to provide you with some important updates.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V2.0.0.0 May 27, 2020 Release

Welcome to this new experience for TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.  You'll notice a number of changes we've made, including: 

  • App Monitoring Dashboard for at-a-glance app status.
  • Apps list for all app types in one place.
  • App Peek drop-down for single app status details.
  • Create/Import app option for all app types.
  • App endpoints available from the Apps list.

We've put together a set of resources with all the details to get you started.  

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V1.34.2.0 April 9, 2020 Release

This update is a maintenance release to provide you with updated connectivity.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plugins

  • HL7 with FHIR
  • Large XML
  • LDAP
  • OData
  • Salesforce.com

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V1.34.1.2 March 19, 2020 Release

We have merged the TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition and TIBCO Business Studio™ for BusinessWorks™  (cloud edition).

In TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ users can now generate the properties file using the command line (bwdesign utility). For more information see Using the bwdesign Utility

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V1.34.1.1 March 13, 2020 Release

This update is a maintenance release to close a couple of Known Issues and to provide you with some important updates.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V1.34.1.0 March 10, 2020 Release

TIBCO Flogo®

Two new environment variables were added and can be configured to generate alert messages when  CPU or Memory usage exceeds a user defined threshold. Messages are included in the log file generated when the logstream command is used.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V1.34.0 February 26, 2020 Release

When using TIBCO Cloud™ - Proxy Agent, you can now specify an access key, and all apps using that key will use the same tunnel. Also a new logstream command has been added, so you can stream all app logs through the tunnel.

TIBCO Flogo®

  • Has two new environment variables to emit app flow and activity metrics to logs.
  • REST triggers can be configured by uploading an API specification file.
  • When calling a REST service URL using the InvokeRESTService activity, you can override the host name and port or define a single schema for a category or response codes.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™

  • Use the new Monitoring tab to monitor the process and activity instrumentation statistics of TIBCO BusinessWorks™ apps.
  • EMS client jars are shipped with TIBCO BusinessWorks™ runtime.
  • TCI_BW_LOGGER_OVERRIDES and TCI_BW_CONFIG_OVERRIDES variables are deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use BW_UI_LOGGER_OVERRIDES and CUSTOM_ENGINE_PROPERTY variables respectively.


  • Added the ALLOW_ENDPOINT_REDIRECT engine variable to allow a redirect in a public endpoint for NodeJS apps.