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This wiki provides a location for the TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps community to read and share how-to and other useful information with one another.


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What is TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps?

Live Apps is a low-code application platform that empowers citizen developers to build fully functional and smart applications in mere minutes.

  • Solve business problems yourself

    Just sign-up, login and get going instantly on addressing business challenges with your own application. We “cracked the code” on delivering a powerfully simple platform. You can now focus on turning innovative ideas into live applications effortlessly and with no training.

  • Create your app in minutes

    Using an intuitive data and case-driven approach, create useful, problem-solving applications that have enough structure to meet business needs, but are flexible enough to adapt to changes. Our 5-step interview is all it takes to create an application from the ground up in minutes instead of months. You can now increase productivity, fill gaps in your business processes swiftly and transform your organization at digital speed.

  • Connect your business

    Business applications are the answer to business needs. No application is an island, get it connected to make it really useful. A wide variety of pre-built connectors allow you to seamlessly integrate and extend any and all enterprise systems in place - on-premise or cloud, mobile or IoT, custom-built or off-the-shelf.

How is TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps different?

Read this point of view from MWD Advisor.

Product Features

  • Five-step Interview

    A five-step interview is all it takes to create applications from the ground up. Jump right in and start describing a solution to a business problem in plain language. Any new user can learn on the fly, easily and naturally.

  • Visual Modeling

    Application development is expedited with visual representations of all application components – data, process, user interface. Between simple drag and drop and guided wizards, users create applications visually, resulting in faster time-to-launch. Visual modeling replaces typing long strands of code, which is not only difficult but time-consuming and error-prone.

  • Data and Case-centric Approach

    Apps can be created in minutes without the need to spend time upfront thinking about the end-to-end business logic. We do not believe that stylesheets on top of underlying databases or long-winded property dialogs are a match to capture real-life business logic and address ongoing changes. Instead, our data and case-centric design lets you quickly capture actions, goals, process flows, or underlying data incrementally and perform independent updates in a few clicks.

  • Agile Development

    Accelerate time-to-value by rapidly creating and launching applications… then enhance and expand them over time. You can quickly iterate new builds after end-user feedback and release enhanced versions as soon as functionality is built. With business / IT collaboration streamlined, change is happening fast and incrementally, and agile transformation becomes a reality.

  • Integrate Anything and Everything

    Secure and reliable connections to on-premises, cloud, or hybrid systems are just a few clicks away. With simple drag-and-drop, users can choose from a variety of pre-built connectors, connect apps, and pull information together from core systems. You can unlock data and bring it to life in minutes.

  • Enterprise-ready

    We deliver all the necessary capabilities you need for large-scale deployments. Security certifications, role-based access, and authenticated application deployment are just a few examples of the built-in security features. The platform is also designed with a strong focus on scalability and performance. In other words, you can scale a pilot departmental application to enterprise-wide instantly and risk-free

How can I see TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps in action?

Check our online demonstration library at: http://tibco.lookbookhq.com/l/live-apps-demos

How can I start a trial or purchase TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps?

  • Free Trial

    A 30-day commitment-free trial so you can test out the awesome features we have in store for you. No credit card required. Sign up here.

    Have a look at the TIBCO Cloud Live Apps Trail Toolkit here on Community, too.

  • Professional Plan

    For smaller organizations such as departments, who want to rapidly create and roll-out applications that improve the way they work together. Includes Integration capabilities for you to integrate your applications with your enterprise and cloud data.

  • Enterprise Plan

    For larger organizations who want to roll-out rapidly create and roll-out applications that all users in the organization will use. Includes Integration capabilities for you to integrate your applications with your enterprise and cloud data.

More information on all available plan available here

Where can I find more resources and information?

  • Documentation - Available online.
  • New Idea - Submit an idea for new features in TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.
  • Feedback Form - We are working hard to give you the best experience and usability, so keep the feedback coming in and help us be the best low-code platform.

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