TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Regions
Last updated:
2:24am Feb 19, 2019

What’s this with regions?

You can choose to have your TIBCO Cloud Spotfire subscription on servers based in the United States or in Europe.

If you sign up for TIBCO Cloud Spotfire and select the region Europe, your Spotfire library and all your content will be saved on a server based in Ireland. Using the regionally closest server might be good for performance reasons and can also be required for other reasons.

When you download TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Analyst to use Spotfire on your desktop, you must make sure that you point to the correct server.

If you signed up for the region Europe, the server address to use when logging into Spotfire Analyst is:


If you signed up for the region United States the server address to use is:


Choosing region

The choice of region is done when signing up for a TIBCO Cloud Spotfire subscription and it cannot be changed afterwards. It's possible to have multiple subscriptions in different regions, though.

If your team consists of several persons, located in different parts of the world, you must make sure that you all use the same region. This is because everything you save to the library is only available in one region, and you cannot even log in to the server in another region (if you don't have a subscription there too). Therefore, sharing between users from different regions is not practically possible.

For a single user, which region you choose when signing up is most likely not that important. However, if your company has restrictions regarding where you are allowed to process your data it may be important to select a certain region for legal reasons.

How do I point my Spotfire Analyst to the correct region?

  1. When you have downloaded and installed TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Analyst, you start the application on your desktop.
  2. In the login dialog, click the Manage servers link.
    TIBCO Spotfire Analyst Login Dialog
  3. If the Available TIBCO Spotfire servers field does not show the correct server for your region, click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Server dialog, paste the following server address:
  5. Click OK.
  6. Type your Username and Password and click Log In.