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Thanks for starting a trial of TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire®! (Haven’t started a trial? Click here)

Every tool in this toolkit is designed to ensure you have a successful trial and enjoyable trial experience!

If you have any questions, comments, or can’t find what you’re looking for please contact usprovide feedback, or leave a comment below.

Happy trial-ing!

The TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Team

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Tools in the Toolkit

Getting Started milestones
Getting Started

Milestones and Resources

Trial FAQ

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Getting Started with Your Trial

Here are the 2 steps you should take to get started with your TIBCO Cloud Spotfire trial. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be visualizing your data and making insights!

Step 1: Activate your account (check your inbox for an activation email sent from noreply-cloud@tibco.com)

Step 2: Download Spotfire Analyst for Windows 

You can choose to get started with a follow-along video using a public sample dataset that has been provided in the links below. You can also decide to simply start with your own data! Make sure to share your analysis with your team as your free trial includes 2 Analyst, 2 Business Author, and 2 Consumer roles.

Bonus Step: We want you to have a successful trial! In order to do that please take our 1-minute pre-trial survey. Seriously, it's just 1 minute—we timed it. Your responses will be used confidentially to ensure you have everything you need during the trial period.

NEXT: Check out our Trial Milestones and Resources for all of our trial resources mapped to the trial journey and key trial milestones.

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Trial Milestones and Resources

Everyone’s trial journey and key milestones will be different because everyone’s goals are different. But that didn’t stop us from mapping out what we would consider a typical TIBCO Cloud Spotfire trial journey and key trial milestones. And for each milestone, we provide resources we think you’ll find helpful.

Looking for something else? View our additional trial resources.

Milestone Watch Read Do
Activate your account     Check your inbox
Take the 1-minute pre-trial survey     Take the survey
Download Spotfire Analyst for Windows   User guide Click here to download Spotfire Analyst
How to use a Spotfire Dashboard 4 min video   Check out our Interactive Demo Gallery
Add sample data to Spotfire 1 min video User guide Download sample public data
Build your first visualization- Walkthrough 8 min video User guide  
Try your own data!      
How to connect your data 6 min video User guide  
Introduction to Data Wrangling 4 min video User guide  
5-minute Dashboard 5 min video User guide  
Style your Dashboard 11 min video User guide Want to learn more? Watch this video
Share your analysis Coming soon! User guide  
Take the 1-minute mid-trial survey     Take the survey
Learn more      
Learn more in the Spotfire Enablement Hub   Spotfire Enablement Hub  
Engage with a product expert     Register now
Dr. Spotfire Office Hours   Dr. Spotfire Office Hours Register now


Additional Trial Resources

User's Guide

Our complete Spotfire user's guide.

Spotfire Enablement Hub

Quick Start, Fundamentals, and Active User videos on Getting Started, Wrangling your Data, Building Visualizations, and much more.

TIBCO Community

Join the TIBCO Community to connect with fellow Spotfire users, ask questions, get answers, and more.

TIBCO Answers

Ask and answer questions of the community.

YouTube Channel

100+ videos on thought leadership, best practices, and how-to

User Groups

Join the Spotfire user groups where experts and users answer questions.

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Spotfire Resources Library

A complete list of product datasheets, solutions briefs, webinars, case studies, analyst reports, and more.

Interactive Demo Gallery

See Spotfire in action with this gallery of demos by industry.


Read the latest blog posts featuring Spotfire.

Webinars and Events

Learn more about Spotfire during live online and in-person events

Gartner and TrustRadius Peer Reviews

Reviews of Spotfire from users like you.

NEXT: Check out our Trial FAQs for frequently asked trial questions.

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Trial FAQs

Where can I access the free trial?

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire is available to trial here.

When does my trial expire?

Your trial will expire 30 days from the day you start the trial.

Are there any product limitations during the trial?

Your 30-day trial comes with 2 each of our Analyst, Business Author, and Consumer roles so you can try out team management, sharing, and application building. In addition, each user will get generous library storage ranging from 100-250 GB.

What web browser do you recommend?

We recommend using Google Chrome (55.x or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (50.x or higher).

Do you offer Academic licenses?

Yes! Click here to learn more about our Spotfire for Education Program which gives students and professors free access to the software.

Can I get a license extension?

We know things come up and 30 days isn’t always enough time to try out our software. Please fill out this survey so that we may better understand your requirements and then we’ll get back to you on next steps.

Do I have access to Support during my trial?

Yes! If you need to submit a support ticket during your trial you may do so by filling out this form. If you would prefer self-service support please create a free login on support.tibco.com to access the Knowledgebase, Documentation, and other public Support resources.

How do I download the sample dataset??

Click on this link to take you to the website to download the public sample dataset and once there click on Download in the upper right-hand corner as depicted below.

Click here for a full list of FAQs.

NEXT: Share feedback with us so we can ensure you have a great trial!

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Trial Feedback

The best way to ensure a successful trial is for you to share feedback with us about what you’re trying to accomplish, what you need to accomplish it, and to update us on how your trial is going and how we can help improve things!

We've setup 3 different surveys to make it easy for you to share this feedback. Each survey takes 1 minute to complete - seriously, we timed it!

Pre-Trial Survey

Take this at the beginning of your trial to tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and how we can help you accomplish it!

Mid-Trial Survey

Take this halfway through your trial, or whenever you’ve used the product enough to tell us what you think of it.

Post-Trial Survey

Take this toward the end of your trial to tell us how everything went, how we can improve things, and what your next steps are.

NEXT: Contact us with questions, comments, or to discuss next steps!

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Contact Us

We offer you a variety of ways to contact us:


Visit our Contact Us Center for a list of global sales, support, and training phone numbers.


Visit our Contact Us Center to fill out a short form. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

Online Chat

Visit any page on www.tibco.com. If you see an orange “Chat Now” button at the bottom right of your screen it means a chat agent is online and ready to chat with you! Just click the button to start.


Follow us on Twitter @tibco and tweet at us using the hashtag #tryTIBCO. We’ll tweet back!

Request a Personal Demo

Would you like to schedule a private, personalized online demo with a product expert? Request a demo.


As a trial user you have access to Support. If you need to submit a support ticket during your trial you may do so by filling out this form. If you would prefer self-service support please create a free login on support.tibco.com to access the Knowledgebase, Documentation, and other public Support resources.

Request an Extension

We know things come up and 30 days isn’t always enough time to try out our software. Please fill out this survey so that we may better understand your requirements and then we’ll get back to you on next steps.

Submit a Feature Request

Have an idea for a new or improved feature? Tell us about it in the Ideas Portal.

NEXT: Learn how to purchase Spotfire.

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Buy Now

Click here to purchase a monthly or annual subscription of Spotfire. You will need to be logged in.

Get Pricing

Click here to view all our pricing plans or to contact sales.

Need help justifying your purchase?

Download this letter, personalize it, and share it with your budget holder.

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