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This page presents contributions by TIBCO and our partners to the global effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  The work includes accessing curated COVID-19 data sources; visualizing outbreak status and trajectories; and modeling the effects of interventions and required hospital resources. It is being used to help hospitals and public health authorities allocate resources and reduce the impact of the virus.

The overarching goals of this effort are to:

  • Provide a data-driven, statistical review of issues & analytics work in the space
  • Contribute data, analyses and software tools to the global effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Bring a visual analytics and data science perspective, including the recognition of the many sources of variability and potential for wide array of outcomes

Live Spotfire COVID-19 Application

The COVID-19 Spotfire dashboard has visualizations that show the current outbreak status, growth trajectories, rate of spread and effect of interventions.  You can use it to see global patterns, then interactively drill into activity in your region using data at the country, state / province and county levels.    

View a Video of the Spotfire Application: 
Highlights include :-
  • COVID-19 Global Overview time lapse
  • Regional overview time lapse
  • US hotspots : NE
  • US hotspots : MI/IL, SE
  • Effective reproduction number time lapse
  • Reproduction Number analytics time trends & predictions
  • Case trajectories in these states
  • Cartogram showing movement from west to east coast
Use the Live Spotfire Application : Open the Application

Application created by the TIBCO Data Science team

For details on the data sources; modeling, simulation and analytics methodologies used in the Live Spotfire Application, see these Tech Blogs:   Tech Blog 1 - 3/18/2020,  Tech Blog 2 - 3/26/2020

You can also access the Live Spotfire COVID-19 Application via the TIBCO COVID-19 Visual Analysis Hub

Download the Spotfire Starter Template to Build your own COVID-19 Application

  • The downloadable Spotfire template allows users and partners to get started with COVID-19 analysis quickly by providing access to a variety of useful data sets:
    • Johns Hopkins University CSSE Public data on global Coronavirus Cases, Deaths, and Recoveries at the Country, Province, and US County level
    • US Census Bureau data on populations at the Country, US Province, and US County level
    • Disease Virulence data aggregated from multiple sources for various diseases
  • The starter template Includes scripts and a data function that downloads and cleans the latest data.  
  • The Johns Hopkins data connects to a GitHub repository and enables a daily refresh, so users may always have the latest available data.
  • The Spotfire DXP cleans and preps this data for easy analysis, including using standardized Country, Province, and County Codes which are directly usable with Geocoding tables provided in the Spotfire Library by default, in the "GeoAnalytics" folder.
  • Download the Spotfire COVID-19 starter template here.
  • Sign up for a free Spotfire Cloud trial here
    • For the full Authoring experience, download the Spotfire Analyst client from the Spotfire Cloud Downloads link under Resources in the panel on the left side of the screen.  You can access this page from the Spotfire Library under My TIBCO Cloud Resources.  Click on the image below for details (Click your browser back button to return to this page after viewing the image):  


Dataset - Actions by local governments 

This Wiki page has a dataset with Actions by local governments that was gathered by TIBCO employees across the globe.  We hope it will be a valuable contribution for examining best practices and effects of preventive measures across different regions as ways to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 cases.  

Results & Data Science Methods

We are issuing updates, through blogs and webinars, to the current outbreak results derived from our application as well as to the evolving data science methods used to generate the results. 

Webinar - 4/21/2020 - Harnessing the Power of Visual Analytics & Data Science in Health Trends: 

Practical Guidance and Insights from TIBCO Spotfire® and PerkinElmer

Agenda Highlights:

  • COVID-19 Basics:  Reproduction Numbers, Case Fatality Rates & Interventions
    Genomics:  COVID19 Spike protein genomics
    Demonstrations: Data Science, Genomics
  • Rejoinder:  Current controversies / analyses,  Genomics directions,  Back to work directions
Webinar - 4/7/2020 & 4/2/2020 - Data Science & Driving Fast, Predictive Insights into Health Trends

Agenda Highlights:

Tech Blog 2 - 3/26/2020 - COVID-19 : Visual Data Science Part 2 - Update & Methodologies


  • COVID-19 Trajectories : interpretation, auto-cluster of trajectories
  • Data Science Modeling : Rt progression
  • Compartment Modeling: epidemiology and statistical parameters
  • Healthcare resource requirements modeling
  • GeoSpatial Analysis: map layers, cartograms, chloropleths

Tech Blog 1 - 3/18/2020 - COVID-19 : A Visual Data Science Analysis and Review


  • Outbreak status
  • Modeling the Outbreaks and the Effects of Interventions

Collaborators Resources

This is a listing of TIBCO Customers and Partners who are providing resources and working on the COVID-19 issues using TIBCO Software. The aim is to accelerate the overall development of solutions by sharing insights and resources. If you would like to join this effort and share your resources here please get in touch!


In an effort to help researchers better understand this virus and to help with the many efforts to develop effective treatments for those infected, Accencio®, in collaboration with a number of data and technology partners, including TIBCO, is engaged in a multiphase project to provide information, visualizations and analysis relevant to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 free of charge to any/all researchers working in the area. More details on this Accencio TIBCO Community wiki page.

Arria Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Go to Arria site for information on how to add Arria NLG to Spotfire. 

Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare COVID-19 Web Site and a TIBCO Press Release highlighting customer relationship TIBCO and Change Healthcare 

Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare Covid-19 capacity predictor 

Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer TIBCO Community wiki page and press release about FDA providing Emergency Use Authorization to PerkinElmer for COVID-19 Testing. Also, Informatics solutions (e.g. PerkinElmer Signals™ Medical Review and TIBCO Spotfire®) and informatics services expertise assist pharma and research labs with tapping into and analyzing vast amounts of data so they can gain new insights. See April 6 2020 interview in Technologyneworks.com with Alan Fletcher, VP/GM, Life Sciences at PerkinElmer, Inc. about benefits and challenges of repurposing a drug in the COVID-19 context.

Washington University in St Louis Department of Genetics, MGI, FIVE

Genomics plays an important role in the ability to manage new therapeutics and also understand the human response to the virus. WashU Genetics is undertaking a variety of approaches to combat COVID-19. Specifically, there are two approaches that utilize TIBCO tools extensively, the first being a bioinformatic approach that examines units within the viral genome called domains. A Spotfire dataset capable of exploring the COVID genome and its Domains is available upon request. Ongoing approaches examine how human (host) genetic variation affects both the ability for the virus to enter the cell as well as its ability to trigger an immune response using Functional Genomics tools


Data Sources

Complete list of data sources used in the Live Spotfire App is maintained in the release notes of the Live Spotfire App itself.

TIBCO Resources


The following blogs provide updates on our analyses; a review of issues & analytics work in the space; and some details on the data sources, modeling, simulation and analytics methodologies used in our Live Spotfire Application


Visual Analysis Hub

Live Spotfire App