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TIBCO® Data Science Community Wiki

Last updated:
12:58pm Apr 03, 2020

TIBCO® Data Science contains tools for many types of analytic problems - small data to big data, ad-hoc analysis to autoML, single user to enterprise solution. TIBCO Data Science is a unified platform that combines the capabilities of TIBCO Statistica®, TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science (formerly Alpine Data), TIBCO Spotfire® Statistics Services, and TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR). TIBCO Data Science allows organizations to expand data science deployments across the organization by providing flexible authoring and deployment capabilities with no-code and/or code options. 

  • Data Science - Author licensing allows data scientists and citizen data scientists to ad-hoc analyze data or create analytic pipelines. 
  • Data Science - Operations licensing is an add-on that allows analytic pipelines to be deployed.

Looking for TIBCO Data Science component analytic pages ? Visit TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for RTIBCO Statistica® or TIBCO® Spotfire Data Science.

    Core Capabilities


    operationalize advanced analytics


    Complete Analytic Pipeline

    Data Science is part of the complete analytic pipeline. For an overview, see system of insight

    Data Access / Prep / Feature Selection

    Analytics / Modeling

    Operations Deployment / Business Applications