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Benefits of Digital Transformation and Applied Data Science for the Energy Sector

Why are so many energy companies determined to digitally transform? Because modern companies cannot improve margins, grow profits, or beat their peers without gaining insights from their data. To get the full benefits from data, they must transform every business function—from analytics to operations to marketing.

TIBCO Predict: Analytics Capabilities for Energy

Energy is a digital business and top to bottom, TIBCO plays across the spectrum with its analytics and integration software solving the most complex industry problems with applied Data Science

Data science is a team sport. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers, business users, and developers need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration, automation, and reuse of analytic workflows. But algorithms are only one piece of the advanced analytic puzzle. To deliver predictive insights, companies need to increase focus on the deployment, management, and monitoring of analytic models. Smart businesses rely on platforms that support end-to-end analytics lifecycle while providing enterprise security and governance. TIBCO® Data Science software helps organizations innovate and solve complex problems faster to ensure predictive findings quickly turn into optimal outcomes.


In terms of generating value at the Reservoir, TIBCO Analytics is across the spectrum from where to drill, how to optimally complete, and how to operate.

Examples of applied Data Science using TIBCO:

Value at the Reservoir

The number of data scientists in reservoir characterization teams continues to increase, but most of their work is oriented to predicting rock properties, fluid patterns, reservoir quality, production, and well performance. However, to analyze the data and accomplish their goals, they must spend a lot of time conditioning the data, interpreting logs, correlating wells, mapping structures, and generating seismic properties to get the attributes that will then be used to train predictive models, run classifications, and uncover hidden patterns.


In this video (3:32) you will see TIBCO Spotfire examples for:

• Deep Learning when analyzing Seismic data for reservoir characterization

• Example of Drilling and Completions

• Example of Halo Analysis

• Example of Petrophysical Analysis

Value at the Drill

Get analytics right at the point of the drill bit and understand how to monitor the actual well path.

Real-time determination of the best yet to drill path.

Understand the state of your bit and bit wear.


In this video (1:45) you will see TIBCO Spotfire examples for:

Example of IIoT at the edge

Analytics for an Edge: Optimizing Operations in the     Energy Sector

Value at the Well

Get the most out of assets!

Production Surveillance, Data Operations, Model Inference, Asset Management.

• TIBCO Spotfire for Well Engineering and Drilling Operations


In this video (1:46) you will see TIBCO Spotfire examples for:

• Example of IIoT at the Core

• Streaming Oil Well Equipment Surveillance Dashboard       Example


Examples of applied analytics using TIBCO Spotfire:

Value at the Grid

Operations Analytics in the Cloud

• Smart Grid/Surveillance.

• Alternate Energy Initiatives.

• Portfolio Operations - Trading and supply chain.

• TIBCO Spotfire in Energy Trading

• Endesa Transforms with TIBCO for the Digital Energy Era


In this video (0:49) you will see TIBCO Spotfire examples for:

Example value on the grid

Renewable Energy

File TIBCO Renewable Energy: Wind

Vestas Wind Systems Provides Smart Self-Service Analytics

• Global Electrification: TIBCO Analytics Enables Wind Power around the World

TIBCO Resources for the Energy Community

Ready for hands-on experience?

Applied Data-Science ML workshop for O&G: How to create a Spotfire app consuming R/Python scripts

Download pre-configured ML modules (R/python scrips ready to go)

• DCA Example

• Voronoi

• Contour plots

• Points in Polygon

Weibull Reliability and Optimal Maintenance with TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R

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