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TIBCO Analytics Forum | Oct 28-30, 2019 | Houston, TX

Canadian Analytics Symposium | Sep 12, 2019 | Calgary, Alberta, CA

TIBCO Energy Day | Feb 13, 2019 | Houston, TX

Canadian Analytics Symposium | May 24, 2018 | Calgary, Alberta, CA

TIBCO London Energy and IoT Day | May 15, 2018 | London, UK

TIBCO Energy Forum 2017 | December 11-13, 2017 | Houston, TX

Articles and Presentations

TIBCO in the Energy Sector: Turning Data into Innovation -- TIBCO NOW 2019 Chicago. Presentation by Christophe Barriolade, SVP & General Manager, TIBCO Data Management and Michael O'Connell, TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer

Powering Innovation in Energy with TIBCO - collection created by Stu Blair, TIBCO Senior Solutions Consultant (through LinkedIn, with registration link)

Analytics for an Edge: Optimizing Operations in the Energy Sector by Michael O'Connell:   The energy economy has been patchy in 2016.  Cheap crude has led to increased fuel production, and refinery margins are narrowing.  Successful companies are increasing their focus on technology innovations and running a profitable business. This results in more attention to planning and operations issues.  Innovative companies are driving business operations from analytic insights to address business challenges like where to drill, what rigs to operate, which assets to acquire or divest, and how to run the business to optimize production, sales, marketing, and profit.  There has never been a better time for energy companies to sharpen the saw on their data infrastructure and analytics deployments.  

The TIBCO Insight Platform—Data and Systems Integration for Industrial Internet Applications in the Energy Sector by Michael O'Connell:   This article focuses on data and systems integration—surfacing and wrangling data for analytics insights and business optimization.

TIBCO Data Science in the Energy Sector (slideshare)

Analytics from Both Sides of the Brain (slideshare)

Recent Press Coverage

Big Oil turns to big data to save big money on drilling by Swetha Gopinath and Liz Hampton: Sensors attached to production gear and throughout the field are enabling oil companies to save big money by avoiding outages, managing supplies and identifying safety hazards.


Spotfire and OSIsoft PI System Interactive Analytics on Fast Data:  Analyze OSIsoft PI System - mashed up with other data sources and visualized within Spotfire, to bring new, rich insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets, and the Internet of Things.

Spotfire for Utilities:  TIBCO Spotfire® helps organizations in the utilities industry develop valuable insights from large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, historic and real-time. The outcomes of these insights can dramatically impact the bottom line as well as provide an early warning system for potential threats and opportunities.

Spotfire for Well Engineering and Drilling Operations:  Well engineers the world over analyze data faster with Spotfire's intuitive, interactive, analytic platform. It enables better decision-making across diverse and challenging environments by allowing capture of all data — structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion — and the deepest possible investigation of issues behind NPT and reliability.

Spotfire in Downstream Energy:  With Spotfire, end users in downstream energy companies can interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They can develop insight faster, easily bring clarity to business issues, and share that knowledge with the rest of the organization. Spotfire also supports predictive and event-driven analytics from the same enterprise-ready platform, enabling what-if forecasting and real-time trend identification from streaming data.

Spotfire in Energy Trading:  TIBCO Spotfire helps energy trading organizations to uncover valuable insights in large volumes of data, frequently comprised of multiple data types: structured and unstructured, historic and real-time. These insights can dramatically impact the bottom line as well as provide an early warning system for risk and regulatory threats.

Spotfire in Oilfield Services:  Oil field services companies benefit from using Spotfire analytics across their organizations — from technical use cases to cross-functional areas such as HR, finance, health, safety, and the environment. Spotfire helps to drive down costs through rigorous analysis at every stage of a delivered service

Pre-built and Custom Energy Solutions 

Get started immediately using Pre-built Energy Solution Templates.  Or build your own custom solutions with the aid of these Data Functions, Themes, Accelerators & Extensions:

TIBCO Spotfire Energy Solutions Templates:  Many pre-configured Spotfire templates, with controls for data preparation, visualization, and predictive analysis, speed energy data analysis:  Decline Curve, Production Analysis, Completions Optimization, Geospatial Interpolation, Production Survelllance & Downtime Analysis, Failure Analysis and Predictive Maintenance, Refinery Blend Optimization, Energy Project Portfolio Optimization, Real-time Equipment Monitoring 

Energy templates, data functions and accelerators on the TIBCO Component Exchange - free:  Decline curve, Contour plot, Probability Plot, Hexbin, Clustering, Machine learning (gbm), Intelligent Equipment Accelerator and more.

  • Intelligent Equipment Accelerator - TIBCO NOW presentation:  Save $100M+ per Year by Monitoring and Acting in Time - Remote real-time monitoring of industrial equipment, combined with modern analytic techniques, drives significant value in heavy industries such as energy, manufacturing, and logistics. This presentation covers how to use TIBCO Spotfire®, R, TIBCO StreamBase®, and TIBCO® Live Datamart to address use cases such as improving asset uptime, optimizing maintenance schedules, and prioritizing engineering programs.  
  • Watch video on How to use data functions on the TIBCO Component Exchange

More useful geospatial data functions

Visual Design Best Practices including custom themes and color schemes that can be downloaded and applied

Spotfire Energy templates, extensions and connectors on Exchange.ai

The Spotfire Extension for Alerting allows you to configure alerts directly from any Spotfire analysis file and can be used to alert when thresholds or rules on any chart are violated.  It is an extension for TIBCO Spotfire that integrates with Automation Services via an alerting task.  The task can generate e-mail, text or pop-up alerts. 

Customer Case Studies

Chevron and Spotfire-enabled Workflows: The Key to Unlocking Value in the Oil Field:  A small project team working on a joint venture project was tasked with performing due diligence on a large multi-billion dollar project with an active drilling program of 60-100 wells per year. The team developed an integrated system using TIBCO Spotfire® to streamline workflows and optimize the drilling program, and ongoing operations to maximize value to the corporation.

XTO Energy with Ruths.ai: The Rise of Analytics as Oil Prices Fall:  Market volatilities - like the recent oil price plummet - present both challenges and opportunities for growth. ExxonMobil’s subsidiary XTO chartered an analytics SWAT team to rapidly build modular, quality analytic solutions that optimize growth strategies in a low-price environment, leveraging TIBCO Spotfire® apps from Exchange.ai.

Vestas: Deeper, Faster, Smarter by Driving Analytics across the Business with Spotfire:  Vestas introduced TIBCO Spotfire® to enable rapid deployment of analytics applications on vast amounts of data from their connected wind turbines and businesses. Learn how Vestas is leveraging Spotfire to easily create advanced analytics with Spotfire, R, and their big-data supercomputer to surface insights and actions across multiple business functions.

More Energy Customer Case Studies in the Content Center


TIBCO Solution Partners are an important part of our ecosystem to help you be successful with our products, and to help complement our company with vertical industry and technical expertise.  Here are some partners that focus on the Energy sector:

Automated Insights: is the creator of Wordsmith, the software revolutionizing the way professionals produce content using data. Wordsmith helps data-driven industries achieve scale, efficiency and personalization in the writing process.  Wordsmith is the world’s only natural language template engine, allowing users to create plain-language explanations of TIBCO Spotfire® charts. Our open API makes it easy for data professionals to automate clear, written explanations of TIBCO Spotfire charts and graphs.

Cadeon: is the leading provider of data and information management services. We are a premiere TIBCO VAR headquartered in Canada and specialize in innovative solutions that help businesses make data-driven decisions, recover lost revenue and predict future business trends. To-date, we've helped our clients discover over $300M in business dollars as a result of our personalized, innovative, fast and measurable approach.

Genware Computer Systems Inc: Your coach for self service data analysis using TIBCO Spotfire. Software and Consulting services including product evaluation, implementation and hosting. Complex data and application integration, with a focus on end user enablement and project assistance.

OSISoft: Connecting sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time intelligence with PI System and Spotfire - Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, and more.

RightTime: We help Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering teams build world-class Digital Oilfield systems by developing workflows, dashboards and predictive analytics capabilities to optimise the production and ultimate recovery of your asset.

Petro.ai: Data Science firm, expertise in Oil & Gas and Marketplace for Modular apps for Spotfire - visualizations, connectors, tools, templates.

Quintus: Spotfire consultants for Business Intelligence solutions for multinationals in the energy- pharmaceutical and financial- area. 

WG Consulting: Houston based Spotfire consultants servicing top enterprise clients in their quest for value through data insights.

For a more complete list of our partners visit the Spotfire Partners community page and our Partner Directory


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