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TIBCO Insight Platform

What are Insight Platforms?

Insight Platforms provide a simplified way to develop and deploy data analytics applications that deliver insights at the  moment of the most important customer and employee decisions. They provide the technology that lets you easily build and evolve these systems of insight. 

Forrester analyst Brian Hopkins says that "Insight platforms unify the technologies to manage and analyze data, test and integrate the derived insights into business action, and capture feedback for continuous improvement."  Read Brian's blog on Enterprise Insight Platform Suites.  

TIBCO received the highest Current Offering score in the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Insight Platform Suites Q4 2016 report.  Forrester cited TIBCO for its "good customer reference ratings relative to other participants, especially in areas like insight execution, analytics tools, and runtime components." 

TIBCO® Connected Intelligence

TIBCO Connected Intelligence fuses our visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies providing a tool suite for optimizing business operations. Like a digital nervous system, it lets you build intelligence in your business, generates actionable insights in real time and let’s you capitalize on them.

The platform lets you source the right data, analyze it with various techniques, and implement the resulting insights as a closed-loop solution with built-in continuous learning. The Insight Platform offers capabilites that could be organized in the following groups - Visual Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Streaming Analytics. Depending on the specific use case at hand, only some of these capabilities could be used independently or they can be put together to work in an automated fashion.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics is all about accessing the data, wrangling the data and using interactive visualizations along with drill-down or aggregation techniques to find the outliers, missing information or useful insights. 

Key Enabling Products and Technologies:  TIBCO Spotfire and Big Data

Predictive Analytics

Next step that adds large value in the analysis process is model development. Models can learn and develop relationships between various factors which can then be used to predict a future outcome.

Key Enabling Products and Technologies:  TIBCO Spotfire, TERR, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Streaming Analytics

Once the model is developed, next step is to put the model and rules that predict the outcomes into production in a Streaming Analytics operational system. This system can monitor incoming live data in real-time and decide to act when the risks thresholds are exceeded or opportunities for value creation are presented.

Key Enabling Products:  TIBCO StreamBase, Live DatamartTERR

Industry Solutions

Fraud Detection

This financial crime fighting solution empowers business users to improve handling of financial crimes such as antimoney laundering (AML), credit card fraud, trade surveillance and medical fraud.  Machine learning models use historic data to learn how to spot risky or abnormal behavior exhibited by transactions, clients, suppliers, or other players. 

View the Busting Financial Crime Wiki page

Download the Financial Fraud Detection accelerator 

Customer Analytics

Customer insights can be used to inform decisions on the next best thing to do for your customers to earn their loyalty and deliver an impeccable customer experience. Retailers can use customer insights to figure out the best products to offer customers and turn these decisions into actions to make these offers in real time.

View a demo and read the blog on using customer data to make real-time offers: From Customer Insights to Real-time Recommendations.

Read the whitepaper Turning Customer Insight into Action and/or watch the respective webinar.

Read about obtaining customer insights from Big Data and using these insights to make real-time offers on a Big Data platform using TIBCO's Accelerator for Apache Spark.

Download the Apache Spark Accelerator to deploy this and other similar use cases.

Insurance Pricing

The insurance industry continues to undergo significant transformation, with new technologies, business models, and competitors entering the market at an increasing rate. To be successful in attracting and retaining the most valuable customers in this environment, insurance companies must become smarter and increase the speed in which they respond to customer demands.

Read the blog "The Algorithmic Insurer: Liberating and Leveraging Algorithms Ready for The Fourth Industrial Revolution's.

Watch the webinar "The Algorithmic Insurer – Increasing Agility through Real-Time Decisions".

Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance

Industrial Internet of Things and Streaming Sensor Analytics:  The expansion of connected sensor data creates new business opportunities for monitoring machine performance and failures in the field and on the factory floor.  Service organizations have up-sell opportunities to offer options to their customers for maximizing value of their assets. Manufacturers can increase uptime, minimize costs, and optimize processes for expensive equipment on the factory floor. 

Watch a short video on Industrial Equipment Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis with TIBCO's Insight Platform

Visit the Industrial Internet of Things and Streaming Sensor Analytics Wiki page

Energy Solutions

Data and Systems Integration for Industrial Internet Applications in the Energy Sector by Michael O'Connell:  This article focuses on data and systems integration—surfacing and wrangling data for analytics insights and business optimization.  

Analytics for an Edge: Optimizing Operations in the Energy Sector by Michael O'Connell:  The use of analytics is fundamental in optimizing the business and maximizing returns.  From upstream exploration and production to refining and logistics, trading, downstream fuels, and marketing; there are opportunities for optimization. All of these areas benefit from data discovery, dashboards for business insights, embedded reports, collaboration, geo-analytics, and predictive and streaming analytics for decision support and systems automation.

Customer Stories



Bank of Montreal 


KB Card

University of Chicago Medicine

  • Real-time cardiac risk prediction and intervention